Your Business Blogging Voice

Have you ever read a blog where you can’t tell whether the author is real or a robot? A blog in which no contractions are used? A blog that tosses around so many industry terms that, if you’re not in that industry, you won’t understand the terms and/or acronyms? Those bloggers have not found their voice. They are writing blogs that sound as if they’re being dictated by Siri or some Android — not a human.

What can you do to find your business blogging voice? There are several ways to accomplish that and here are a few:

  • Be yourself. Give your readers a glimpse into the “real you.” That doesn’t mean you load your blog posts with “Aints” and “Y’alls” — blog business voiceunless that is how you truly speak in your business interactions. Being yourself means to write as you speak. If you use contractions (can’t, don’t, etc. rather than cannot and do not) then write that way. If you have a bit of a snarky sense of humor, let that shine through. Your expertise will show in the information you share while your personality will show in the tone you use to deliver that information.
  • Tell your business story. While you won’t want to regurgitate your business story in every blog post, your readers want to know how you “got where you are today.” What mountains did you have to scale. What lessons did you learn that make you the expert that you are? For example, my story: Prior to being diagnosed with breast cancer I worked seven days a week and on some days I worked up to 16 hours a day. After my diagnosis and having to deal with oncologists and surgeons and radiology oncologists and having my schedule at the mercy of surgery and ICU stays, I had to learn to “work smarter, not harder.” It may be a cliche, but it was true. During my recovery I learned to streamline. I learned to say no to projects that in the past I would have said yes to even though it was outside my area of expertise and even if I had no time. I taught myself to conquer the overwhelm and I now have fewer clients, work fewer hours a week and make more money! That story makes me an “expert” in sharing goal and time management with others.
  • Be passionate! I am passionate about words and writing. It is a passion that blossomed within me when I was about eight-years-old and I have been enamored of words ever since. Toward that end, I worked at a weekly newspaper, a daily newspaper, a business magazine, a book publisher, I owned my own magazine, and now I am a written marketing expert for my clients. You could say that words are my life (they’re certainly my livelihood). If you’re passionate about numbers, let it shine in your business model; if dog grooming is your love in life, then talk/blog about it. If you’re doing something that you’re not passionate about, change it!

Your blogging voice should be as unique as your fingerprint. When you put fingers to keyboard, let your personality shine through! Do you have a blogging voice? Does it fit with your business model? If you’re not sure, contact me and we can do a Make It Happen Session that might shine light on your unique style!

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