Writing Tips For Non-Writers

writing tips for non writers

Writing Tips For Non-Writers

When I work with clients, the reason they hire me to do their writing and blogging is simple: They are not writers and I am – that’s my area of expertise. My clients have other areas of expertise on which they focus.

If, however, you’re just starting out and want to do the writing for your business, here are writing tips for non-writers that I can share with you.

Be yourself

Blogging is a more informal platform than is being featured in a magazine or newspaper. You want to let your “voice” come through, but you don’t want to pepper your prose with acronyms, “five-dollar” words or stilted sentences. You don’t want to write exactly how you speak (save that for your fiction endeavors!) but you do want to be conversational. Imagine you’re sitting in a coffee shop sharing a cuppa with a client and telling him or her about your business; emulate that conversational tone.

Step away from the dictionary or thesaurus

If you have to look it up, so will your readers and that takes them out of the post they’re reading and diminishes the impact of your writing. There are definite industry-terms that may need to be used, but if you’re using them on people who aren’t yet in your industry, use them sparingly and use them in context so the reader can figure out the meaning without having to leave your post to look up the meaning.

Write short

Readers have short attention spans. Long paragraphs are grueling on the eyes; this is especially true if your readers are looking at your blog posts on their phones or tablets. Use shorter sentences. Short paragraphs. Break up the text with bullet points and subheads. Give your reader bite-sized chunks of text.

Be passionate

I’ll bet you are in the business you’re in because you love it, right? You have a burning passion for your niche whether it’s accounting, dog walking, manufacturing or selling cars. Let that passion shine through. If you’re enthusiastic in your writing, your readers will catch that enthusiasm as well.

Know your audience

Who is your audience? Is it potential clients? Are your blog posts meant for current clients only? Who reads your posts? More importantly, why do they read your posts.

Favors from friends

If you’re not confident in your writing, ask a colleague or friend or family member to give it a once over after you’ve written it. Ask them how it reads. Did they understand it? Did you have any typos or grammar errors? Making a misteak isn’t the end of the world, but you should put your best prose forward. (See what I did there!?)

Headlines matter

Put as much time into crafting your headline as you do crafting the post. Keep search engine optimization in mind, but make sure your headline is compelling and would draw a reader in. Try these on for size: How To Write A Blog Post… or… Writing Blog Posts That Drive Traffic… or… 10 Steps To Writing A Blog Post … or… Insider Secrets To Writing Blog Posts.

Don’t forget the CTA

Okay, your reader has stayed with you until the end of your post. What now? Do they just close the browser and move on? No! Keep them with you. Provide a CTA (Call To Action). Give them something to do. “Now that you’ve read this post, download my Blogging 101 tips for entrepreneurs…” or… “Call me now to schedule your blog check-up…” or “Sign up now for our twelve month blog package, click here to learn more…” What is the point of your blog post? If you have one (and you should) highlight that and bring it home in your CTA.

Share on social

Once you’ve written a blog post, your work isn’t done. You need to share your blog post on your social platforms. If you’re writing it, leaning back and wishing and hoping people will stumble across your blog, you will be waiting a long time. You need to do the work to promote it after you’ve written it, my friend.

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  1. I love how you’ve spaced out all the paragraphs & headings in this post, it drives home that point about using short paragraphs. I have a tendency towards run-on sentences, which drives ME crazy so I’m sure it annoys my readers too!
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