Write One Epic Blog Post A Week: How to

how to write an epic blog post

Write One Epic Blog Post A Week: How to

Confession time. When I first started blogging I was convinced I could write three (or more) posts per week. Reality set in when I started working with clients and building my business. I could get the writing done for my clients, but my own personal blogging and writing fell to the wayside.

I hear from many bloggers that they have the same problem. They work on the writing that pays the bills, but neglect their own blogs. During my time blocking endeavors I found a way to not only get my client work done, but focus on my own blog as well. Want to know my secret?

It takes me four, sometimes five, days to write a single blog post. I committed to blogging once a week and it is manageable and has relieved a lot of my stress and self-flagellation of feeling like a failure because my blogs remain bereft of content.

I embraced the mantra that “less is more” and I focus on “quality over quantity.” That has made all of the difference.

Write One Epic Blog Post A Week: How to

What do I do during my days of writing blog posts? Here’s my method – feel free to adapt it to your own workstyle.

Day One

I slip into my office, fuzzy slippers on, coffee in hand and start the process. I choose a topic from my editorial calendar. If you don’t have an editorial calendar you will be faced with the blank screen and could potentially spend valuable time pondering what to write about. Take time, now, to write an editorial calendar.

Work on the headline. The headline is the most important part of your blog post. Make it searchable, actionable and intriguing. Spend plenty of time crafting the headline.

After the headline, write down a few topics you will cover in the post under your blog topic. Remember, a blog should cover one topic and one topic only. Formulate the subheads that will fall under your blog post topic and write them down. Make your subheads informative and those that will draw a reader into the content.

Day Two

Still in my fuzzy slippers with a fresh cup of coffee, I am ready to fill in the content. This is the day I put additional content under my chosen subheads. Think of your subheads as the blog post outline, its skeleton.

Ready? Set. Write! Okay, now is when the real work begins. Write the first paragraph and introduce the reader to the topic to come. Once the introductory paragraph has been written, begin filling in the content under your sub heads.

Closing paragraph. Wrap up the content. Reinforce what you’ve written. Don’t forget to add a call to action to every post. What is a call to action (CTA)? It is the action you want the reader to take: Sign up for our newsletter, call me for coaching, download our free ebook, etc.

Whew. You’re done for the day.

Day Three

Edit your post. Today is the day you look at your post with a fresh set of eyes and tweak it. Look for spelling errors, cut out your “pet” words or phrases – those words that you use even when they aren’t necessary. (My pet words are however and that)

After you’ve edited the post you will want to find an image that enhances your content. Readers love images!

Now that you’re ready to schedule this lovingly crafted post make sure you can say “yes” when you ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is the headline something someone would search for?
  2. Did I choose a good image?
  3. Does my image have actionable text on it?
  4. Can your blog post’s subheads tell the reader the story?
  5. Do you have a call to action?
  6. Is the post as error-free as possible?
  7. Did you add in keywords or tags to help your SEO?

Day Four

Aaahhh the slippers and coffee, you complete me! And now we are going to complete the work on your epic blog post. Today is the day you promote your prose. Don’t let your blog post linger out on the Internet with no attention.

Here is what you will want to do to share your post:

  1. Share it on Facebook
  2. Share it to Pinterest
  3. Tweet about it
  4. If you’re in blog boost groups, share it there
  5. Share your post on LinkedIn

You may want to spread your sharing out over a couple of days. Trickle your epic blog post content through the week. Schedule it using Hootsuite or Meet Edgar or go in and schedule it yourself.

Day Five

If you don’t have an editorial calendar, take today to start thinking of a topic for next week’s epic post. If you have an editorial calendar, take today to share your post on the other social media platforms you didn’t share on yesterday.

My personal writing schedule

I fill my editorial calendar at least weekly. My editorial calendar is a living, breathing document that continually gets fed with ideas I find during the week. I will typically batch write – for example I wrote three posts on a Saturday afternoon because I had the time and I had already written down the blog skeletons, so it was a matter of filling them in. My blog will now have posts going live until the first week of January. My blog work during those three weeks will encompass sharing the post on social. I can either kick back and relax or I can write another blog post a week so my blog will have continual content even if life and client writing gets crazy.

What’s your writing schedule?

Where do you get stuck on your writing? Send me an email at Robbi AT AllWordsMatter DOT COM and let me know.


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  1. Thanks for sharing your writing process Robbi! I too have an Editorial calendar that’s a living breathing document. The one place I get stuck most is that a lot of my posts require some research. That always holds me up. I try to post 3 times a week. I usually can but sometimes it slips. I like this One Epic Post per week concept. It’s not easy to write 3 epic posts every week!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

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