How To Write Your Business Story

how to write your business story

How To Write Your Business Story

Since the days of old, people have used stories to communicate. Bards and minstrels traveled from the countryside sharing news. Cavemen drew pictures on cave walls. Over time language developed and oral storytelling developed; people would tell and re-tell stories as a way to communicate the goings-on.

Today, we share our stories on print and online. Stories can entertain, inform and become history. Storytelling is part of our life and it is an engaging way to share the origin and history of your business. The story of your business can touch and teach your clients something about you.

How To Write Your Business Story

How can you use storytelling to share your business history?

  1. Tell your origin story. Just as Spiderman and Batman had humble beginnings, your business might have, too. Look at your About page and make note of the summary of your work history and your business’s origin story. Take some of the specifics from that story and delve more deeply into them to highlight aspects of your business and its beginning. Draw from the rich history of really propelled you into becoming an entrepreneur.
  2. Share with clients and potential clients your method of work. Share a “day in the life” in a blog post. Use a case study that shows how your method of work benefited a client. Focus on sharing information about your unique style and strategy of helping a client achieve his or her goals.
  3. Tell a tale that teaches. Use a story to help your client understand a concept. Tell positive stories, but remember, in some cases people remember stories better if there is a mistake made and a lesson learned. Mistakes show that you are human and that you overcame.
  4. Communicate your business vision. One of my passions was born as the result of having lived through breast cancer. My passion is helping entrepreneurs work through time management and productivity issues. I help them “conquer the overwhelm” based on in-the-trenches methods I taught myself as I worked to keep my business afloat while having surgeries and treatments and recovering from everything cancer had wrought on my mind and my body. I took methods I’d read about and adapted them to suit my situation and now teach other entrepreneurs that… viola my business vision and a story. See how I did that?!
  5. Use a story to overcome a common objection. If someone says, “That’s too expensive,” you can counter with a story of another client who thought that AND THEN they worked with you and are now making more money. Offer a guarantee. A guarantee with a story will help assuage fears of spending money and will also show how you followed through on the promise of the guarantee.

  How can you craft a compelling business story?

  1. Be engaging. You’re telling a story, not giving a lecture.
  2. Be genuine. Tell your story with authenticity. Be natural and honest.
  3. Know your audience. Just as you wouldn’t read 50 Shades to a toddler, neither should you tell a story to an audience using references that are lost on them.

What’s your business story? Are you sharing it? If not, why not? How can I help you craft your business story?


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