Work On Your Business Today

When I am working with new clients I find invariably they spend so much time working in their business that they neglect to work on it. What does that mean? Bottom line, it means they are so busy trying to keep up with day-to-day activities that they lose sight of performing any marketing or for that matter, connecting and keeping the relationships strong with current clients.

What can you do to work on your business? Entrepreneurs need to set aside time to look at their business roadmap to make sure they are still on the intended trajectory. If not, why not.

  • Did you get off course because you found a better business model?
  • Did you get blown off course because you’re saying “yes” to clients who just don’t fit into your “ideal client” mode?┬áThere are many reasons you say yes to projects outside of your wheelhouse, but that is the subject for another blog post.
  • Did you simply lose sight of the beacon you were striving for and now need to “re-route” yourself?

Entrepreneurs, I have found, are fantastic at saying, “We need to get from Point A to Point B in order to be deemed successful.” It is sometimes the points along that trajectory that get lost in the midst of the travel. These points could include your taking on your own bookkeeping tasks, running your own errands (hey, someone has to do the banking and go to the post office, tracking your business calendar, right? Yes, and those people are called virtual assistants!). You may find yourself bogged down in the marketing of your company when that simply isn’t your core competency. The marketing could include your blogging, your social media tasks and even preparing press releases and hand outs for networking events. Remember, there are professional copywriters who can complete those tasks on your behalf.

As a way to work ON rather than IN your business it sometimes makes sense for the entrepreneur to build a team of professionals to help him or her with those areas that are outside their core competencies. You should be the go-to expert in your niche but that doesn’t mean you have to — nor should you — try to do it all.

When is the last time you focused ON your business rather than IN the tasks that might be better left to a team you should be cultivating?



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