Why You Love Lists

make a list conquer the day

Why You Love Lists

Do I love lists just because am anal retentive? Do I love lists because I am OCD about things? Do I love a good list because I have a crappy memory? I think you can add a “yes” to each of those questions. It’s not just me though! There is a reason why you love lists and why I love lists. I wasn’t looking for validation… really, I wasn’t! Um, it’s been scientifically proven that our brains thrive in list-making mode; in case you were wondering.

Even though I didn’t need validation, here is my list (you know that was coming, right?) of why you love lists!

A list will help you:

  1. Process information
  2. Make recall and understanding easier
  3. Get you organized
  4. Prioritize tasks and goals
  5. Make sense of information and better handle information overload
  6. Reduce stress
  7. Enhance focus
  8. Keep track of goals met
  9. Keep track of steps still needing to be done to meet a goal
  10. Beat procrastination
  11. Get organized

benefits of list making Which of the items on the list (there may be more than one) would you like to gain control over? Have you thought about writing it down on a list? If you’re working from a to-do list in your head, I’ll bet you feel overwhelmed and aren’t quite certain where you are in the process of completing a task, right? I believe in “writing it down to get it done” and I urge you to start writing items down that you feel are priorities.

If you aren’t sure what your priorities are, write down EVERYthing you need to do. Once it’s all written down it will be easier to prioritize.

Not a list maker? Wondering what to put on a list? Here is my top fifty favorite lists. Enjoy!

  1. Books to read
  2. Places to visit
  3. Research for my Appalachian Trail trip
  4. Trails in the Thousand Islands to walk the dogs
  5. Five-year goals
  6. Conferences and networking events to attend
  7. Classes to take
  8. Daily to-dos
  9. Weekly routines
  10. Doctor visits
  11. People who inspire me
  12. Items I am grateful and thankful for
  13. Podcasts to listen to
  14. Fitness tracker goals
  15. Recipes I want to make
  16. Quotes I love
  17. Boredom beaters
  18. Spending log
  19. Packing checklist
  20. Historical items about my parents I want to remember
  21. Anniversaries
  22. Birthdays
  23. Schedule for being at the River House
  24. Client deadlines for projects
  25. My writing deadlines for books and blog posts
  26. Fun, free activities
  27. If I have to cook, what are the top items that are my go-tos
  28. Favorite movies
  29. Staycation ideas
  30. Financial goals
  31. Favorite memories with Alexa and Nicholas
  32. Life goals
  33. Business goals
  34. Things I like about myself (sometimes I need a reminder)
  35. Projects I have completed
  36. Crochet projects I want to try
  37. Crochet projects I have finished
  38. Food log
  39. Not-to-do list
  40. Errands
  41. Grocery shopping list
  42. Prioritize projects for River House
  43. Pet birthdays
  44. Holiday plans with family
  45. Finding ways to live with less
  46. Items I can get rid of
  47. Fun things I want to try
  48. Ten year goals
  49. Compliments I’ve received
  50. My blessings

What would you add to the list? Are you feeling inspired to make your own list? I can guarantee it will help remove stress if you do!




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