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PinnacleLogoIt’s hard for me to think about, but both of our dogs are seniors. My Henrietta, the Diva of Divas Dish, just turned 9 and celebrated her birthday with her big brother, Spenser, who will be 13 in January. We have noticed that Spenser is slowing down a bit. He is more likely to watch Henrietta fetch a ball than he is to chase it himself. He has also become a bit short with the kitties in the house. Frankly, he’s becoming kind of a grumpy old man. But, when we pull out the “walking leash” he gets a spring in his step and knows he will be able to stretch his bones and take a long, leisurely stroll.

While Henrietta tugs at the leash, sniffs every blade of grass and barks at every bird or bunny she sees. Spenser is mild-mannered and just happy to be seeing the sights. We know that both dogs not only love, but need, walks to keep them healthy and more importantly to keep them at healthy weights. Henrietta is more likely to chunk up if we skip walks. Spenser seems to have a higher metabolism and doesn’t show the additional weight as much as Hen does. For the most part, Spenser carries his 125 pounds rather well.1507957_10206636941417574_1242874129337848372_n

Because we love our pets and want to do whatever we can to make them happy and keep them healthy we are always looking for foods that fill that bill. We are very excited to try Pinnacle’s ® new grain-free, holistic dog food. In the past I admit we would feed Spenser anything we had a coupon for. He had an iron gut and would happily nosh no matter what was put in his bowl. Henrietta is another matter as she has a delicate stomach and any abrupt change in her diet means I will be dealing with a dog with a gurgly belly and loose stools.

Once Spenser hit middle age we knew we needed to find food suited for his age as well as his size and started being more cognizant of what went into his bowl and into his belly.

Part of his grumpy old man personality has manifested into “I don’t really care what I do so if you leave food within my reach, I’m going to reach it.” We discovered this the day we came home and an entire bag of peaches had been dragged off the counter. The remnants and thankfully all of the pits were smeared from one end of the kitchen to another. Sigh. At least it was a healthy fruit and not a box of chocolates. Frankly I am surprised that all of the pits were accounted for!

Spenser cooling down after a walk

Spenser cooling down after a walk.

Lifestyle Changes For The Family

Since my breast cancer diagnosis I have become an avid label reader. I don’t buy make up with parabens. I don’t use products with preservatives. I look for labels for my foods that have ingredients that I can pronounce and are limited in scope. I have taken to baking my own bread and snacks. I do have a sweet tooth, but when I read the ingredients on the labels of the cookies that I loved and even the cake mixes and brownie mixes that I had used for decades, I thought I was going to get physically ill. I now make brownies and cookies from scratch.

I make snacks for the dogs that are fruit and vegetable based and most of the items I mix into their foods come from a local farmers market — squash, apples, pumpkin and other in-season items get mashed up and mixed in.

My label reading has made its way into the dog and cat food aisle and I look for limited ingredient, healthy foods for them as well. I loved it when I found out that Pinnacle uses cottage cheese, kelp, blueberries, sweet potato, pumpkin and flax seed in its foods. What?! In addition to these yummy ingredients, Pinnacle pet foods also offers other features I have come to look for when feeding my senior dogs and those include:

  • Food that contains fiber to help with digestion and stools
  • Foods that promote joint health and muscle tone
  • Foods that contain antioxidants. If antioxidants are healthy for humans, they are certainly something I welcome in my pet’s food
  • A brand that provides a natural, healthy recipe and uses high-quality proteins
  • A wide variety of options because Spenser does get bored and will stop eating if we don’t offer a varietyPicture2

I do what I can to keep my pets healthy by taking them for walks and encouraging activity to keep them healthy and limber, but I know that feeding them well can only lead to better health as part of the healthy lifestyle I’ve implemented for them. I want my fur babies to be with our family for decades to come and I believe that exercise and a great diet will help me do just that!

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