Why I Love Being A Writer

why I love writing

Before I became a writer I held several other jobs — cashier, executive assistant, store manager. I always dreamed of becoming a writer. I was a lifelong reader. I loved my English classes in high school. I took many creative writing and journalism classes in college. If I wanted to have a fight with someone I preferred to to it via the written word.

I “think” better with my fingers to keyboard or pen to paper than I do in a yelling match with someone. If I am drawn into a debate I usually end it by saying, “I know you are, but what am I?” Yes, I revert to playground comebacks. It’s hours later, usually in the middle of the night when the snappy comeback pops into the front of my mind. BUT if I could have had that debate or disagreement via the written word I would definitely have emerged victorious.

Verbal versus written sparring aside, there are many other reasons I love writing.

Why I Love Being A Writer

why I love writingWhen I write I turn introspective. I don’t have a lot of hours during the day to reflect, but I do at night when I write in my gratitude journal. Introspection is good for the soul and for the mood. It helps me reflect on both the good and the bad and that is useful for those days when I feel like everything is going to shit. I can look back at what I was grateful for the day or week before and realize things aren’t so bad!

The grass is not always greener. You know those days when you’re a bit melancholy and you see everyone on social media having grand adventures and uber wonderful lives and you wonder, “why is it sucking here?” Guess what, my life is pretty darn wonderful. I beat the hell out of cancer and here I am five years (and counting) later. When I write, it puts life into perspective. Also, when I read on social media about people who are continually moaning and groaning it helps me see my life is nothing to complain about at all!

I may not retain everything I read, but when I read I am constantly learning. When I write I am learning and that’s why I love it. I learn new words, new phrases, new concepts. If I get interested in a topic and don’t know enough about it, I begin my research and viola — new knowledge. When I first started writing fiction the mantra was, “write what you know.” Yawn. I don’t know nearly enough as I want to and I want to explore and expand and write about things I didn’t know much about until I researched!

Writing gets me off my pretentious high horse! Oh yes, I love nothing more than to find a typo, misplaced modifer or under-utlized semicolon. When I find them, I point and I laugh and laugh! Well, guess what? Last week I sent out a newsletter. I read and re-read it and read it again. The second it hit my inbox the first thing I saw what a typo! WTF!? As much as I hate to admit it, I am human and do make mistakes (don’t tell my family!)

Words and ideas inspire and motivate me. When I sit down to write a blog post or an article I have usually been pondering my opening sentence and when that flows from my fingers to my keyboard I am in the zone. Looking at a blog post I’ve completed brings me joy. Picking out an artfully crafted sentence out of a blog post makes my heart sing. There are weeks when I look at the column I’d written for the Thousand Islands Sun and am struck by what I’d written. There are some weeks I am on auto pilot when I write my column so it seems fresh and new when I read the paper a week or so later.

The idea that I can earn a living weaving words together is a dream come true. Why do you love writing? If you don’t love writing, why not? I’d love to know! 

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