Why I Am Going To BlogPaws… And Why Henrietta Is Not

I’ve been saving my pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters and am on my way to BlogPaws 2014. Why have I been saving? As part of the BlogPaws team it’s my duty to be there but as a pet blogger and social media manager, I NEED to be there.

Hen pjsI work from home and interact virtually with clients and pet loving friends, but it’s rare that I get out and meet any of them — time and distance being a factor, but having access to Internet, smart phones and video chat capabilities… why should I? It’s easy to work from home in pajamas and sip coffee all day long. When the snow is flying or a chill is in the air I have no desire to brave either so I settle into my home office and tap away at the keyboard. 

Now for the top six reasons I am heading to BlogPaws 2014 in Las Vegas and why the diva poodle, Henrietta will not:

  • I enjoy getting out of the house and making new friends. Shaking hands, exchanging pleasantries and size is no issue (What?!… read on) Henrietta only likes dogs that are smaller than she is and given the fact that she weighs in at seven pounds, that leaves a lot of dogs out of the “I will be friendly to you equation.” Henrietta believes it is her duty to protect me from anything larger than she is and it means a lot of deep throated growling and tiny body stiffness.
  • Staying out late for parties and networking is something I am looking forward to. While Henrietta loves to dress up, she is only ready to party if it’s before her 5 pm dinner time. Any time after that and she is ready to be in her pajamas.
  • Learning from social media industry experts, taking notes, putting those practices into place on my websites and for my clients is one of the most beneficial parts of attendance at any conference. Henrietta doesn’t consider herself old but she is not in the mood to learn any new tricks. She feels she’s mastered all those that she is going to and has decided she’s done jumping through hoops for my amusement.
  • The cheesecake! If you’ve been to any BlogPaws’ conferences you have had the yummy cheesecake. I try to eat mine slowly and savor the taste and the cute little edible logo that it comes with. Henrietta gobbles her snacks so she’d miss the overall experience of it.
  • I enjoy tapping away on my phone or computer while the keynote speakers are talking. I take notes, ponder what they’ve said and again, see how it will fit into my overall marketing and strategy for both my business, my client’s businesses and Henrietta’s blog. Because she doesn’t have opposable thumbs and has no access to a computer or a smart phone, she would be bored Hen blog paws bagsand pacing and wanting to sniff out the first piece of available grass so she could leave her mark.
  • Goodie bags galore. I will admit that when I get my goodie bag at BlogPaws I sometimes just put it in my room and wait until I get back home to open it. Part of the reason I simply tie the handles on the bags and pack them in my luggage for the “big reveal” when I get home is because I love to see how excited Henrietta gets when she gets a sniff of the goodies contained within. It’s like an early Christmas. If Henrietta was with me at the conference I know for a fact that she’d be ripping into the goodies and snacking away and she’d have no surprises to open when she got back home!

Is your pet going with you to BlogPaws? If so, look me up (I’ll be the one with the Flat Henrietta!)

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  1. I love the idea of waiting until you get home to see what is inside the goody bag… I’m wondering if I can do the same, but since it is our first BlogPaws I don’t know if that will be possible. 🙂

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