Why Entrepreneurs Should Not Be Blogging

What. What?! Yes, it’s true, folks, there are some entrepreneurs who simply should not be blogging. I am not saying they don’t need a blog — they definitely do. I am saying, that some entrepreneurs should focus on their core competencies and leave the blogging to those professionals for whom words are their tools of the trade.

If you’re a new entrepreneur or if you’re a long-time business owner who is just now considering adding a blog to your website, here are some points to ponder as well as the reasons why entrepreneurs should not be blogging:

  1. You’re blogging just because “everyone” else is aka you don’t have a clear goal or strategy. Remember when your mother used to ask, “If all of your friends jumped off the bridge would you?” Hopefully you told your mom, “no” and hopefully you’re not blogging because you think it’s a new fad or the latest and greatest marketing tool there is. Honestly, it IS the greatest marketing tool there is because all of your other efforts can spring board off of your blog posts and your website. Hint: At #SMMW15 it was mentioned several times that business owners shouldn’t build their business on “rented ground” which is what every free social media platform is — rented ground. Grow your business on ground you own — your website and blog.
  2. You’re not a writer. It’s no shame to admit that you just don’t “get” words. I don’t “get” math and I am okay with it. I also don’t “get” swimming pool cleaning or dog grooming or graphic design and that’s okay. Why? Because I don’t have to. There are professionals who do “get” those business niches so I can concentrate on my core competency which is writing and making all words matter for my clients.
  3. You have a fear of commitment. If you’re not willing to commit to blogging for the long term you are wasting your time. You can’t write a blog post and expect immediate results. Sure there are those rare viral videos and and social media status updates that go viral but they are just that… rare. When you start blogging you should plan to be in it for the long haul. The magic will not happen overnight. Blogging should be part of your overall business growth and marketing strategy.
  4. You don’t want feedback so you have “closed comments” on your blog. Hey, if your clients or prospects are going to say something bad to you, or about you, on social media wouldn’t you rather know about it so you can respond? Also, consider if they’re saying it about you online, they are also talking about you offline. Your blog is an area for conversation and relationship building. If a client has an issue with you, respond on your blog to his or her comment and then take the conversation off line.
  5.  You’re a social hummingbird. If you were a social butterfly, you would at least alight on occasion whereas a hummingbird is always in motion, flitting from flower to flower. You need to understand who your clients are, where they congregate and then stake your claim on a social media platform and grow your flower there. Don’t set up social media profiles on every platform available because let’s face it, new ones pop up daily. Concentrate on the social media platforms that make sense for you and your demographic.

If you know you should be blogging but are faced with any of these five reasons as to why you shouldn’t be blogging, send me an email or give me a call and let’s see how we can work together to get your message out to your potential clients. Remember, All Words Matter!

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