Why Entrepreneurs Should Be Readers

why entrepreneurs should read

Quick question: When is the last time you read a book? It doesn’t matter whether it is an e-book or a paperback or a “book on tape.” Do you make time to read? If you’re an entrepreneur, solopreneur or petpreneur, you should carve out time in each and every day to read a book.

I can hear you groaning and saying, “Where will I find time to read a book? I can hardly get through my daily to-do list!” I’m here to tell you WHY you should take time to read and HOW to find time to read. Let’s get right to it!

You’ll be more intriguing. Say what? Yes, read a book and you just might have intriguing factoids to share! Whether it’s the latest best seller or your favorite work of nonfiction, reading a book will give you a great conversation starter, “Hey have you read the latest Susan Grafton book?”

If you have an industry expertise, reading in your niche will help you stay current and offer more insight and value to your clients.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Be Readerswhy entrepreneurs should read

Entrepreneurs need to continue growing. If you always read in a particular genre, shake it up and choose a new genre. If you only read nonfiction, grab a piece of fiction. If there are changes and trends in your business niche, read up on those. If you find you’re struggling with business growth, pick up a book that can offer insight and new ideas.

Improve your business by reading. You may not have the time or money to attend continuing education course, but you can certainly pick up a book and expand your horizons and your knowledge.

Readers band together. If you’re at a networking event or even a family function and are at a loss for something to talk about, bring up that latest book you’ve read. If others haven’t read it, share your feelings on it. If they have read it, you have a shared conversation starter.

If you have a book that has touched you in some profound way, let people know.

Stay relevant. If the last book you read was one assigned to you in high school, I urge you to go out and get a book, right now! I don’t always read the latest releases. Note that I just yesterday, checked out the first Sue Grafton book, “A is for Alibi”… she is on the letter “X” in the series. Sure I am coming late to the game, but with the new release I can say, “I know she’s nearing the end, but I am reading her first and it’s great!

You don’t have to read every book on the NYT Bestseller list, but at least browse it and see if there are books that appeal to you. Get a library card and check out a book that looks intriguing; you can get print and e-books from the library. In fact, I think some even offer books on tape.

Finding Time For Reading

Okay, now that you know WHY you should read, here are some tips to find time to read.

  • Get up earlier in the morning.
  • Read a book, instead of the newspaper, with breakfast.
  • Read a book while you eat lunch.
  • Read before you fall asleep at night.
  • Turn off the television for at least thirty minutes and read.
  • Read a book while you’re sitting in the doctor’s office or waiting for the kids at the bus stop.

You don’t have to devote hours a day to reading, but I’ll be there are snippets of time you could devote to reading a book, aren’t there?


What is the last book you’ve read? Do you love a particular genre? I’d love to know!

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