Where Do I Get My Energy?

Picture1The blog title, posed as part of NaBloPoMo, had me pondering for a while. I had never given thought as to where my energy came from.  I assumed it was from the food I ate, the sleep I had the night before, the sunshine streaming through the window — well, not so much in NY for the next several months — maybe the idea of sun shining sometime again.

The more I pondered, the more clear my thoughts became. I think I get my energy from the people I love, the work that I do and from the comforting snuggle of the Diva Poodle Henrietta. I draw energy from a task well-completed. A client well-served. A good book finished and well-enjoyed.

Over the past eight months as I’ve dealt with breast cancer and its aftermath, I have learned what steals my energy and am working hard to avoid thems: pessimism, anxiety, fear of the future (believe me, I still have it but I try to find other things to think about than my mortality), tasks that I truly don’t enjoy but slog through and feel drained at the end.

As I work my way through the 31 days of posting about Energy, I’m certain I will uncover more items that will bring me both energy and joy!

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