When Did You Last Count Your Blessings?

I will admit that I never expected to be inspired to write a blog post by radio talk show host Bob Lonsberry. He and I differ on politics, but there are times when he talks that I stop and go, “hhmmmm,” and the other day was one of those times. I admit that the radio is on as background noise so I am not always the best listener.

While I can’t remember what started his whole conversation I believe it might have been the senseless death of a bicycle rider in Fairport by two alleged drunk drivers — one on a motorcycle and one in a van. He talked about the woman, who had been a wife, mother, and teacher in the Fairport School District and then went on to say how — in essence — we need to count our blessings every day because you just never know when you won’t be around to count them any longer.


What I took away from Bob’s talk and from recent events in my life is that no matter how cruddy things look when you wake up in the morning — at least you woke up. Even if sometimes life and health issues can really drag you down — at least you have a life and are around to face your health issues. It makes me think that even if I get a bit tweaked with family members — thank goodness I am still around to *be* tweaked with, and by, them.

All in all, Bob’s words resonated with me because I have been through the wringer and even though I still have some more wringer to get through at least I can count a huge blessing that the wringer I am still facing is much less horrifying than what option B was.

In life, as in business, take time to savor the little things. If you lose one client, it’s not the end of the world; perhaps a better one is coming down the pike. If you have a victory, no matter how small, savor it. It’s been a learning experience for me to slow down, smell the roses and take small victories, embrace them and be thankful that I still can.

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