What’s Your Blogging ‘Voice’?

Picture11Are your writings humorous? Do you have a serious tone when you write? Are you an expert in your field or do you write about current events? Is there a particular type of animal you love that you want to blog about? Know yourself before you begin writing. 

If your readers come to your blog on Monday and find themselves laughing out loud, they will likely expect the same thing on Tuesday. If, however, on Tuesday you write in a technical tone the won't know what to expect when they come back on Wednesday. 

eep in mind though, that just because you write humor, that doesn't mean you can't be serious when the writing topic calls for it. You might want to let your readers know that a serious post will be a departure from the norm. For me for example, I usually write about writing. On the days when I decide to take on a different topic I might make a note to the reader that "Although I usually write about writing, today I've decided to take on tihs topic…" I do this so the reader doesn't think I have a split personality! 

I was at a writer's meeting yesterday at the Lilac City Rochester Writer's group and one of the editors there was telling about  a query letter she received in which the writer informed her, "I am sooooooo funny and I write funny, everyone says so…" ( I paraphrased) Know what? If you're truly a funny writer or a funny person, it will show through in your words. If you have to tell a reader or an editor that you are funny, chances are you're trying too hard. 

Know yourself before you put your words before your readers. If you write well, no matter your tone, your readers will keep coming back to see what you have to say!  


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