What’s The Deal With Cats?

580905_4125787898378_1113000332_aThere are some mornings when I just know what Henrietta is thinking and the headline today says it all. We've discussed the new kitty, Clyde, here recently and the saga continues. He doesn't appear to appreciate Henrietta's seniority aka superiority in the household heirarchy. Why does she think this? Because he is continually invading her personal space. 

She enjoys waking up in the morning, having her constitutional, then quietly enjoying her breakfast. Clyde refuses to appreciate the beauty of a quiet morning because he pounces on her the second she comes out of the bedroom, stalks her as she's getting her collar on and stares, slaps and generally inserts himself between her and her breakfast. Henrietta has been surprisingly patient with him. With the other pets in the house she is more likely to "growl them out" when they get too close. No one, other than the 100+ pound Spenser seems impressed or moved by her growling, but the kitten is oblivious. 

As I type this, Hen is perched on my lap, dividing her time between watching me type and watching Clyde try to find a way to get up on the desk and get to her. She can't wait for him to grow out of his kitten-ness. 

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