What lengths for a scoop?

If you were a journalist, how far would you go for a story? Would you travel into hostile territory like Laura Ling and Euna Lee did? Would you go to North Korea or anywhere close to it in pursuit of a story? If you did, wouldn’t you keep track of border issues so that you didn’t accidentally step into enemy lands?Ling and leu

If you worked for a newspaper or television station, how far would you go for a story? How far would you to go to protect a source? Certainly not every — or likely — many journalists (whether television or newspaper) find themselves in this situation, it could be an interesting self-examination to think about what you’d do if faced with such a situation.

Even covering small town politics can bring with it some moral and ethical dilemmas such as off the record comments which could lead to an additional story idea, lead or angle. It’s sometimes a wrestling match to ascertain what to do with information given in “confidence.”

What would you do?

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