What Do You Know About When To Be Social?

Picture4Creating great content for your social media pages and your
blog posts isn’t always a walk in the park so when you’re sitting down you need
to make certain you’re optimizing your time and your efforts.

Here are a few things I’ve discovered during my time as a
pet blogger and social media manager for maximizing your social media efforts:

Best times and days to post? Monday and Wednesdays show a higher rate of interaction and posts that go live between 10 am and noon are more likely to be read on Twitter and LinkedIn. For Facebook, engagement appears to be after lunch and late afternoon.

What is the ideal length for your social media messages? On
Twitter you are limited to the 140 characters so that’s that. On your Facebook
and LinkedIn pages, try to keep your messages short and to the point. Can you
deliver a message in fewer than 20 words? If so, kudos!

Are you excited! Using exclamation points is shown to turn
readers off. Yes, you’re excited, but leave the exclamation points at home and
make your point with words. Unless something is truly earth-shattering and
exciting, your reader doesn’t want to see exclamation points.

Do your questions get answered? Do you ever wonder whether asking a question garners you any favor? It’s been shown that on Twitter a message that asked a question received 50% fewer clicks! The reasons for this is that I’ve heard people come to your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages for answers, not questions. Something to ponder. If you want to ask a pet-related question, consider using Facebook’s survey option.

Hashtag away. Using a hashtag to reach business to business
clients is shown to be close to 200% more effective than not using one. Studies
show that business clients appreciate hashtags but business to consumer subscribers
are less enthralled as it was shown that Tweets with hashtags receive fewer
clicks than do those without. Hhmmm not sure I agree with that. Do you?

Numbers count. People love Top Tens, Five Greatest Ways To…,
etc. in our time-crunched world, knowing that you can discover Five Great
Places to Vacation With Your Pet is a lure for readers.

Do you agree with these findings? 

 Robbi Hess, Social Wordsmith, is a professional blogger, social media consultant and creative thinker. She works with entrepreneurs providing professional writing services including: web copy, newsletters, guest and ghost blogging and long letter copywriting. She is also a speaker on the subjects of time management, writing and productivity. “Helping entrepreneurs find the ‘write’ words!” 

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