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When is the last time you truly listened to your clients? When is the last time you offered customer service that was one step above crap? These are questions posed by Peter Shankman during his keynote speech at #BlogPaws 2015 in Nashville. “Listen to your audience. Give them what they want and you will become beloved,” he told the packed house.

blogpaws peter shankmanSome of Shankman’s other takeaways included: 

  • Brand everything that you do. If it’s good, someone will steal it. Brand it. Link everything back to your site (not Facebook or other real estate that you don’t own or control)
  • You can’t make anything go viral BUT you can make something that is good enough that it just might go viral
  • “Be one level above crap,” he said.
  • Trust should be at the core of all we do with and for our clients
  • Prove you’re trustworthy by owning any mistakes you make. He shared NY Politician Eliot Spitzer as someone who “owned” it and another NY politician, Anthony Weiner, as someone who didn’t. “Spitzer will come back and become beloved… because he owned his mistake,” Shankman said.

In order to know how to best reach your audience, you need to ask. “Audiences are so fractured today in how they want to receive their information. If you’re not delivering it how they want to receive it, you’re losing them.”

You should also talk to five of your clients/followers a day just to see how they’re doing and to ask how they want to hear from you. (Podcast, enewsletter, blog post, video, etc.)

“You do not have a right to your audience,” he said. You need to earn them each and every day.

Did you know?

  • The average attention span is 2.7 seconds? This is how long it takes a client to decide to read, buy or do something
  • Twitter’s 140 character updates can be read in about 2.7 seconds

How can you grab, and keep, your readers’ attention?

  • Become a better writer. He said that one out of every two home pages has a typo on it
  • If you want to become a speaker, take an improv class to improve your speaking skills. “Good communication will save you,” he said.
  • Reach out and say “hi” to your contacts and clients. Do this when you don’t want anything from them
  • Either engage with people on Facebook or your other social media platforms or unfriend them

Bottom line takeaway: “Stop doing things for likes and start doing things that are likable.”

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