Unhappy Henrietta

Hen in reposeHere's a picture I'd like to call, "Henrietta In Repose" that sounds much better than, "Henrietta Being Really, Really Angry With Me for Making Her Get A Haircut and for Looking At Kittens." 

She loves getting in the car but once I open the door at the parking lot at PetCo she scrambles around on the pavement trying to get back to the car. The store must carry with it the same unique scent that a vet's office has. After I drag her, yes even an eight pound poodle can exert a lot of strength when faced with the scary prospect of a grooming appointment.

After two long hours — for both of us — I picked her up. She smells yummy and looks even more beautiful than usual but I made the mistake of stopping off to look at the kittens and she made the most horrible noises which I interpreted to be, "you'd better not even look at any other animal, Mom."  I bundled her up and took her to the car but have to admit I am wondering if a kitten might ease her separation anxiety — or maybe it's to assuage my guilt at her perceived separation anxiety, either way — those kitties were adorable!


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