Treats For Dogs Of All Sizes #AlpoDogBiscuit

I received Alpo Wholesome Biscuits to Review in order to write this post. I am not being compensated in any other form for helping spread the word about the new Alpo Wholesome Dog Biscuits. Alpo / Purina  is not responsible for the content of this article.

When you have a household in which you have a seven pound Diva Poodle and a 125 pound happy-go-lucky husky-lab it’s not always easy to find treats that they both share, it’s not always easy to find dog biscuits for dogs of all sizes — and all in one place when I am perusing the shelves at my local grocery or pet store.Cats Hen Alpo Dog Biscuits

Henrietta (the Diva mentioned above) loves fruits and vegetables and knows that they come from the refrigerator and are given as treats after a visit to the great outdoors is a “success.” Spenser, the big dog of the family (size-wise, because Henrietta has him beat personality and alpha-wise!) is extremely active and loves spending time out in the snow running around so when it’s snack time for him, he is allowed something with a few more calories. Don’t tell Henrietta!

Hen and Spenser waiting for treatsWhen both dogs are given treats I always try to look for healthy ingredients and treats that perform “double duty” — assist in strong teeth and bones or other healthful benefits.

The day the box of Alpo Treats dog biscuits arrived on my doorstep, Henrietta (and as you’ll see in the picture, almost all of the cats) came to check it out. I swear they have the ability to sniff out treats before the UPS guy even drops the box on the doorstep! The cats, naturally, were much more interested in the box while it was all I could do to not have Henrietta gnaw through the bag of treats!Lucy Hen Alpo Dog Biscuits

Henrietta is an active poodle, but recent knee issues have left her on “restricted activity” and that means I have been cutting back a bit on her treats and her food so she doesn’t turn into a pudgy poodle. I felt good giving her an #AlpoDogBiscuit, in place of her usual carrot treat, after our great outdoors visit in part because it contains 23 vitamins and minerals — and she isn’t getting that much nutrition from a baby carrot or from an apple slice.

Some days I feel it takes me longer to read the ingredients and choose food and treats that I trust for my houseful of pets than it does to choose food for myself! I always make sure my beloved Hen is treated to the best treats and food — those that boast wholesome ingredients and are from a company that I trust. ps I was just thankful I was able to get a few pictures of her with the treats because there are times I am convinced she is in Witness Protection the way she runs away whenever I pull out a camera!


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