Tips: Be An Effective & Efficient Blogger

be an effecitve and efficient blogger

Are you trading time for money? Are you looking for ways to get more done in fewer hours? Do you yearn to be more (I shudder) productive? How about being more effective and efficient? Effectiveness and efficiency are my new business mindset. Tips: Be an effective and efficient blogger — these are for those who are bloggers, wannabe bloggers or solopreneurs whose talents lie in other areas, but who want to have a blogging presence.

Tips: Be An Effective & Efficient Blogger

Many of these tips will sound familiar, but they bear repeating. 

Have a plan. If you work from an editorial calendar, your blogging time will be more effective and efficient. Why? Because you won’t be sitting down and staring at a blank screen wondering, “what am I going to blog about?” Believe me, I know this can be daunting, especially if writing isn’t your forte. When you have an editorial calendar aka blogging schedule you won’t have to struggle for ideas, you will be able to simply sit down and write.

be effective and efficient Write every day. What?! You don’t like writing so why would you write every day? Well look at it this way: If you write daily you can chip away at a blog post over the course of time. If you write every day you will get in the habit and writing might come more easily to you. Build the habit and it will become easier.

“Is this thing on?” Grab your phone and record your thoughts. Sit in front of your computer and record a video blog aka vlog. If you’re better at talking than writing go with your strength. Video is king so use it to your advantage if you are good at it. If you don’t want to record a video, why not record your blog post then transcribe it later? Many people can rattle off ideas while speaking that they would freeze up if faced with fingers to keyboard.

Focus. Focus. Focus. When you’re working on your blog post. Work. On. Your. Blog. Post. Don’t check email. Don’t text. Don’t pay attention to Facebook notifications that pop up. In fact, turn off all notifications and turn your phone’s volume down. Set aside a block of time to work on your blog post and focus solely on that. This is a great idea for every task you are working on your business. One task, one project at a time. No multitasking!

Set the stage. Is your office space and its environment conducive to writing? If you need absolute silence and it’s noisy then pack up and move. If you require sound and activity around you, grab your gear and head to a local coffee shop to do your writing. Only you know your best atmosphere for being effective and efficient.

Have a dedicated “idea notebook.” Ideas for your next blog post or for a theme or series that you need to add to your editorial calendar will come to you at any time; many times when you least expect it or when it’s most inconvenient. Keep an idea notebook with you at all times. If you’re driving and get an idea, pull over and write it down or pull over and record a note to yourself in Evernote. (Yes that is an affiliate link) You can tag it and easily grab it later and add it to your ed cal.

Write an outline. Here is a quick and dirty outline for a blog post:

  1. Your headline (this is the most important part of your post)
  2. Your opening sentence
  3. The meat of the post
  4. A wrap up sentence
  5. A call to action

NOTE: Make sure your blog post covers one topic at a time. It is easy to get off track when you’re blogging. If you find yourself rambling and not being able to wrap it up, go back and re-read it and you may find you got off topic. Don’t discard your ramblings — they will probably make another great post down the line.

If you are more effective and efficient at writing blog posts you will be able to get back to your core competency — running your business! If you find you simply do not, or cannot, write a blog post drop me an email at Robbi AT AllWordsMatter Dot Com and let’s talk about a blogging plan that will suit your business style.

This is my favorite “idea” and bullet journal notebook

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  1. I love the idea of a notebook to hold blog ideas. I always create amazing themes on the run, and then forget them all by the time I get to my computer. Now I just have to remember to buy a new notebook…🙂

    • Any excuse for a new notebook, right Kim?! I sometimes will dictate notes into my phone when I have a brilliant idea when I can’t get to my notebook!

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