Time-Saving Tips For Business Bloggers

Quick! How many hours a day or week do you, as an entrepreneur, have to devote to your business blogging or social media tasks? Chances are that question had you breaking out in a cold sweat and thinking, “Blogging? What blogging?” even though you know your business would likely benefit from a consistent blog and social media presence.

Because I know you’re pressed for time, here are my top five quick time-saving tips for business bloggers and entrepreneurs:

  1. Write in batches. If you can carve out thirty or sixty minutes then you should write as many blog posts as you can in that stretch of time. If you’ve written one and still have 15 minutes left, start another! Writing in batches makes quantity possible because you’re already in the blogging mindset and you have already pondered your blog ideas, right? I also suggest setting a writing schedule. Add “write blog posts” to your weekly to-do list and then stick to it. Knowing that you will be writing on Friday from 9 am until noon gets you in the mindset of that task and may help the process move along more quickly.
  2. Have an editorial calendar. I cannot stress this enough. The time you spend preparing your editorial calendar is time you will reap when you begin your weekly or monthly blogging. When you make your editorial calendar you should include as much relevant info as possible to make it easier when you sit to write. What is “relevant info”? A proposed title, the keywords you want to use, the opening sentence, links to outside resources, an idea of the graphic image you’ll use, even a bullet pointed list of the flow of the post.
  3. Blog when you’re most creative. Entrepreneurs typically know when they are at their most creative. If you don’t, track your actions for a few days. When you do tackle the most time- and brain-consuming tasks? If it’s in the morning, then you should do your blogging then. If you find your creativity is amping up at 6 pm, then that is when you should blog. Trying to write a blog post and be creative when you are struggling to stay alert is going to make the task even less enjoyable.
  4. Shake it up. Don’t be so literal when you think “blog post.” Change that thought to be, “new content on my blog.” Viola! You have opened the doors to be more creative in the content you post on the blog. You could curate a post from someone you admire. You could make a short video and embed that on the blog and there is your post for the day. You could re-write an old post. You could take an old post that, for example, included a Top Ten list and make that into an infographic.
  5. Hire a copywriter. As an entrepreneur you need to spend your time in the way that makes most sense to your business and if you are losing money by struggling to update your blog and your social media pages, you may find you’re better served to hire a copywriter to do the tasks for you. When you work with a copywriter he or she will work with you to prepare an editorial calendar, will “interview you” to get a feel for your voice and tone, will talk with you to understand the kind of keywords you’d like used in your posts or work with you to determine what those keywords should be.

What is your biggest challenge as it relates to blogging and social media? If you want a business blog — and frankly you should — but simply don’t have the time or desire to blog for your business, contact my office for a Make It Happen session to see how we can work together!

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