Getting started

I recently started listening to an audio book, Eat That Frog, and realized that many projects that I have hanging over my head really aren’t that big, it’s just a matter of getting them underway. This blog post, is an example.

I had been working on getting my website redesigned (that was taken care of thanks to Tom Collins ) and then it was up to me to actually update content, write a blog post and announce it to the world.

I put the work on my to-do list every day and at the end of every day it was still there, staring me in the face. Yesterday, though I was listening to the book and realized that this blog post and updating the site was MY frog and that I’d better start gnawing away at it little by little. Today armed with a steaming mug of tea and a cookie, I sat down, looked over the pages and dove in.

The end result? I finished the frog (and no it didn’t taste at all like chicken) and now my site is ready to go. Finally. And know, what? It wasn’t that big of a job once I looked at it and settled into it.

I think most projects are like that. They take on a life of their own the longer they sit — kind of like a dust bunny. Ignore it long enough and it becomes a dust dinosaur — large and hard to tackle. So, my advice… get to it!

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