Spend Time Being Mindful

During recent months I have been dealing with some health issues which have given me the wake-
Picture1up call of, “You’re not in control of your life!” As an individual who schedules almost every part of my day and who even has events and to-dos planned as far out as a year, this was a rude awakening.

What do you mean, “I’m not in control?!” I still wake up in the middle of the night bathed in a cold sweat realizing that no longer can I make specific plans. No longer can I smugly live secure in the knowledge that things will always be the way they always were — pretty gosh darn good.

I have worked for several years to build up my clientele for my own business, have networked until my throat hurts, attend online and in person seminars, follow up, and follow up again with potential clients. I was the Mistress of my Destiny, right? I thought so.

Once you’re faced with life-altering health issues you are forced to take a step back and truly re-evaluate where you are, where you’re going, and what you can do to get there. I have never been known for my laid back attitude. I’ve always been known as the “let’s go get it done… want me to take the lead?” kind of person. No longer can I do that. I need to take life one step at a time.I recently downloaded a book entitled, “Whereever you go, there you are,” a book recommended by a physician I visited with. It’s all about being mindful. When she mentioned the title my first thought was, “Holy crap… I am NEVER in the moment. I am always wondering what the next moment is going to be.” While I certainly can’t speak for every entrepreneur — male or female — I can speak for myself in knowing that I need to live to live (and work) in the moment.

I’m trying to believe and understand that multi-tasking isn’t truly the best way to be my most productive. I’m learning that while I want to schedule my days to the hilt I have that niggling thought in the back of my mind that my well-laid plans may not come to fruition. Truly I could have used a more subtle wake up call to scale back and learn to relax, but there you have it.

What do you do to be “in the moment?”

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  1. I so enjoy posts like this for reminders and know that your writing affects someone, somewhere. I love that I recently read to make two lists – one for things you want to do and one for things you don’t. I thought at first, “wth!?” And then it made sense – I had so much on the to do list, I drove myself mad. Life is all about balance and posts like this remind me of that, Robbi. Thank you!

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