#SMMW14 Stan Smith Tells Bloggers: Be Brave

Attending Social Media Marketing World was an eye opening and exhilarating experience. There were many firsts: I’d never been to California (I fell in love with San Diego!), I’d never met Chris Brogan or Mari Smith and got to shake hands and get pictures with both (blog posts to follow),  I also met many social media consultants at various levels of business and learned so much from the Stan Smith Robbi SMMWvarious speakers.

This initial blog post is about the session I participated in with Stan Smith: How to Growth Hack Your Blog: Proven Tips for Growth.  The session promised to help attendees attract excited, loyal and engaged readers — and who doesn’t want that?! Stan started the session by saying, “You may have something valuable to say, but no one knows who you are.”

His tips for growth hacking one’s own blog included:

  • Changing your mindset and adopting a new discipline. “Everything you do should be focused on your blog and what you can do to grow it.”
  • Use your social media pages to reach your targets. “Use the ‘blast and watch method.'” Write your blog post then “blast” it out on your social media pages.
  • Identify the influencers in your niche. Find, follow and favorite them and add them to lists on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Don’t accept a “wait and hope” mindset with your blog. Don’t sit back and hope it will organically do better over time (hint, it won’t)
  • Set blog goals. Remember this equation: Small Blog + Small Goals = Small Action. If you want to grow your blog you need to set your goals and then multiply it by ten! The equation for this: 10 x your goals for 10x the action = 10 x the growth.
  • Post. Promote. Post. Promote. Repeat. Start a guest blogging program on your site. Why? This gets new bloggers on your site who will be promoting their guest post and that will drive traffic and help engage more readers.
  • You need to “get” SEO and use it wisely. Brainstorm nine phrases that you want to use to help your blog/website “get found.”
  • Offer your blog in many forms: on your website, through your social media, record it and offer it as a download through iTunes or an MP3 on your site, in a newsletter, etc.

What can you do to incorporate these tips into your blogging?

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