#SMMW14 From Blogger To Published Author: Showing Your Expertise

The second in my series of posts on the Social Media Marketing World conference #SMMW14 is from a session by Joel Comm entitled: From Blogger To Published Author: How to Become A Recognized Expert. What makes a best seller? According to Comm, author process croppedit’s a combination of marketing and luck.

He offered tips for those who hate to write his tips were to:

  • Record your content
  • Be interviewed by someone who will help write the book
  • Repurpose your blog posts
  • Participate in a compilation or become a co-author on a book

Comm also advised those in the room to know why they wanted to write a book before they started. Do you want the book to:

  • Become a catalyst to the next step in your career?
  • What is that next step? Bigger, or different, endeavor? Speaking engagements, etc.
  • Set yourself apart from your competition?

Remember, when you have your book published to have a “call to action” in the book. Invite people to visit you at your website, sign up for your newsletter, provide a DVD, offer them something free to keep them engaged, drive them to your social media pages.

Are you planning to write a book? What do you think that authorship will do for your career?

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