Six Reasons To Hire A Professional Content Creator

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Should you hire a blogger? Do you need to work with a professional writer? What is a professional writer? Where does one find a professional blogger or content creator? These are some of the many questions that plague an entrepreneur or solopreneur. You have heard that you should be blogging. You know you want to keep in touch with your clients and individuals who come to your website, but you aren’t sure how. There are myriad ways.

Before we get into the six reasons to hire a professional content creator aka professional writer let me back track and say if you have a website and you don’t have a way to capture the names of those who visit, you are losing money — potentially thousands of dollars! How can you capture them? I’ll blog about that in a future post, but you need a sign up, a free give away and a newsletter strategy.

Here are my six reasons why you should hire a professional content creator.

They are professionals.

Plain and simple, a professional writer is one who has honed his or her craft over the course of many years and the course of many written words. I have been involved with words since I was a journalist and editor at a local newspaper. I moved from there to working at a magazine, then owning my own magazine. I made the switch to blogging. During all of that time I read books, took courses, learned and honed my skills bringing them to even higher levels. You, as an entrepreneur, have your area of expertise and professional writers have theirs.

You need to focus on your core competencies.

Whether you’re a #Realtor, an accountant, a swimming pool service contractor or a dog groomer, you need to focus on your core competencies — those activities which make you money and help your business thrive. Just as a professional blogger wouldn’t attempt to do someone’s taxes or groom their poodle it might make sense for you to hand the reins over to someone who understands the ways words work and how to put them to to work for you. A professional blogger can help you amp up your online visibility.

You just don’t have the time.

Let’s face it, when you’re growing a business you don’t have any additional time to take on additional tasks — especially those that aren’t directly helping your bottom line. Time is a precious commodity whether you’re in the start-up phase or if you’re in the “wow look at us grow!” stage. Focus your efforts on your core competencies and let the professional writer focus on your words on your behalf.

You don’t know what to write about.

As a professional blogger I am never without an idea or ten! Why? Because it’s my job to be always open and inquisitive. I look for ideas where the non-writer would never consider to look. Unearthing blog post and newsletter content ideas for my clients is part of the service I offer. It is also a service that other professional writers offer — they take the burden of “what am I going to write about?” off of your shoulders.

You don’t like to write.

Let’s face it, it takes professionals in all areas to make the world go round. In my case, I don’t “do” numbers. They escape me and make me nervous. I leave the numbers part of my business endeavors to someone who enjoys working with them and she leaves the writing of words to me. Not everyone loves to write. Not everyone aspires to write. I don’t aspire to be a #Realtor or a dog groomer or a pool service contractor – you do — and I applaud you!

You’ve never taken the time (or sat with a professional) to formulate a content strategy.

If you don’t have a content strategy session in place, it’s like going fishing and tossing the entire pole in the water and wondering why the fish aren’t grabbing onto the hook and swimming back to you. Just as you need to understand the nuances and the fine art of fishing so too do you need to understand the nuances and art of a content strategy. A content strategy should be a part of your entire marketing plan (you do have one, right?) Online and offline marketing need to work hand-in-hand to help raise your visibility with your clients and potential clients. Spending time with a professional writer to go through a content strategy session will give you a clear idea of where to post, why to post, what to post, how often to post, which newspapers to target for press releases, and what content to share in an e-newsletter. A content strategy session should be a part of your business plan as it will help focus your efforts.

Have you ever wondered what a professional writer or blogger can do for you? Hopefully these six topics will help fine tune your thoughts. If you need a Content Strategy Session, check that out on my site and then email me to schedule one. This Session doesn’t obligate you to work with me, it is a way to reach your target audience with your content. 


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