Sibling Rivalry Continues: Kitten and Diva Do Not Mix

My daughter brought home a kitten recently. He is a cute and very friendly little guy. Henrietta, ParkerSpenserClydeLex however, was not and continues to be not amused with him. I'd also forgotten how much attention kittens want. Clyde is also hellbent on making every other animal in the house love him regardless of what he has to do to get that attention. Spenser the 125 pound dog tolerates him or moves away from his attention. Parker, the king kitty, is teaching Clyde some manners but will allow Clyde to play with his tail and sleep with him. Jesse, the ghost cat, spends most of her time honing her attempts at invisibility that Clyde hardly ever sees her. 

HenTableNow comes, Henrietta, Diva Poodle. She has zero patience with the kitten's attentions and Clyde, spurred on by her attempts to ignore her "torments" her unmercifully. I give Hen a lot of credit as she spends a lot of the time hopping away from him, but there are times when escape seems impossible as Clyde is relentless. 

He pokes his head into her food dish. She growls and snaps him away. He climbs up on the couch next to her. She growls and snaps him away. She runs around the house to get away and he thinks she is just a large, furry, snapping toy designed for his pleasure. It's like she is in a no-win situation. 

I assume that at some point Clyde will outgrow his constant need for love and attention from the pets that aren't interested in him — you know, like in a few years. I don't assume that Henrietta will ever gain tolerance as she is rather set in her ways even though she is only six-years-old. Hhhmmm wonder if she gets her "set in her ways" attitude from me! 

For now, I play referee just so the kitten doesn't get his whole head snapped off and wait for the newness of the relationship to be over. 

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