Sharing Isn’t Something Hen Believes In

Hen and zoeHenrietta had been an only child for two and a half years and then all of a sudden I felt a yearning for a kitten. I mean, kittens are so cute and cuddly and there are so many cats and kittens out there in need of a loving home. I figured that maybe Henrietta would welcome a new sister, right? After all, if she had a sister and I had to ever leave the house she wouldn't be alone.

In my mind, the two of them would cuddle up on a blanket together and keep each other company.  I was a bit afraid that the two of them would bond so firmly that I would be extraneous to the mix and then I'd feel left out and jealous, right? Again, not so much.

Okay, there were some getting to know you pains and thankfully Zoe didn't add to those pains with any claws to the Hen's nose. It was just a lot of hissing, puffy hair and Hen barking.

After a little while, they started to bond. But then I made the mistake of letting Zoe be in the room when I had given Henrietta her chew bone. Notice the bone is bigger than Hen, but size matters, right?

I was happily working away. I did see Zoe hop up on the bed and nuzzle in with the bone. I kind of saw Hen hop up behind her. This picture was snapped before all puppy and kitty hell broke loose! Let's just say this was the calm before the storm. Before it was all over, I'd screeched loud enough to scare them both into freezing long enough for me to snatch the bone and put it on a high shelf where now no one gets to play with it!


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