Setting Your #Intentions For The New Year

Picture1Resolutions how I despise thee. Let’s face it, if you’re like most people you determine that this will be the year you make resolutions and damn it you’re going to keep them, right? I find even the word “resolution” is like carrying a heavy weight on my shoulders. I feel it’s setting me up to disappoint myself and that is not the way to start off a new year.

At the end of each year I find myself re-reading the book, “My One Word” and taking some time to determine what my one word will be for the upcoming year. But because I have  hard time settling on just one word, I usually choose two. My words for 2014 will be: Focus and Mindfulness. My daughter pointed out the other day that she is trying to adopt the idea of when something is bothering her she will ask herself, “Will this matter in a year?” and that helps her put things in perspective. 

Cancer can put your life and the thought of an expiration date on it into perspective and I try to remain mindful of how I felt during the treatments and surgeries and how I want to remember that in the scheme of things a slow driver in front of me or a burnt piece of toast or a dirty dish in the sink isn’t the end of the world; I feel like I stood at the edge of my world and was able to walk back from the brink and here I am today. It’s not always easy to be mindful… in fact sometimes it is almost impossible but I do try.

As a business owner what can you do for your business in 2014 that will make it soar? Here are some New Year’s thoughts (you can call them resolutions if you want, I will call them points of focus) to help you succeed and make your intentions have staying power:

  • Don’t set too many goals. If you sit down and write up 50 intentions for your new year, you will already be overwhelming yourself. A shorter list is more manageable and you will be more likely to stick with it. If your intentions can’t fit on a sticky note that you can put in plain view, then you have too many.
  •  Speaking of sticky notes. You should write down your intentions. Studies show that once you have committed something to paper, it gives it a psychological power and will help you remain true to its pursuit and attainment.
  • Be realistic. Sure I’d like to lose weight this year (that is the number one resolution made and I’ll be the number one resolution broken) but I can go about it by saying, “I’m going to limit the amount of sugary drinks I have a day,” or “I am going to get out and walk 15 minutes a day regardless of the weather,” (I won a FitBit in a contest so I have no excuse!) or, “I want to bring in X number of new clients this year.” Make sure your intentions are attainable and the results measurable. Every day that you meet the goal you set, write it on your calendar and celebrate the success!
  • The power of an accountability partner cannot be discounted. I work with a friend and fellow blogger and we schedule weekly touch-base chats and we discuss what we want to accomplish in the upcoming week and we celebrate the successes we’ve marked. Sure we also take time to chat and just be friends — but that is part of the fun of it.
  • As I’d noted before, make your goals measurable. Rather than saying, “I want to eat more healthy foods,” change it to, “I am going eat four fruits or vegetables a day,” or “I will market my business daily,” change that to, “I will touch base with two current clients on Mondays, reach out to at least three people I met at networking events on Tuesday, and cold call three potential new clients on Friday.” These are all measurable.
  • My One Word is my idea of a theme for my year. What can your theme for the year be? Will it be: healthy lifestyle, grow your business by X number of clients, etc. Having a theme or in my case a One Word will help you keep focused and moving toward your success.

What is your theme for the year? What would your one word be? I’d love to hear!





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