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All Words Matter Custom Writing Services

Content Writing Services & Social Media Consulting

Robbi Hess is a Social Wordsmith. She works with individuals, coaches, consultants, authors, and entrepreneurs helping them define their key message and express it through their website presence, newsletters, blogging, press releases and other on-line and print media.

Because I am a niche specialist I deliver customized products to my clients and the entrepreneurs with whom I work.

I am well-versed with the power of the red pen and can edit existing copy as well as write new copy. I have worked as a copywriter, editor, public relations specialist and blog consultant for companies such as: Lipsticking, BlogPaws and Search Revolutions among others.

You’re running a business, spending your time connecting with your clientele and prospects. You know you need to focus some of your energies on your website, your blog (you do have a blog, don’t you?) or social media pages, but just don’t know how to find the time.

It’s complicated., we know.

You’re faced with a glittering array of catchphrases and dazzling social media platforms from which to announce who you are and what you do. How are you supposed to do it all? How can you determine which of these platforms you need to be on? How do you keep up with Google’s ever-changing “rules & regulations” as they relate to getting your content seen and still captain your own ship? 

What’s a business owner to do? Work with us.

Here’s a sampling of what a top-notch online presence will do for your business:

  • Offer a platform from which you can share your expertise (ie. blog, website, social media properties)
  • Begin conversations. Remember, people want to to work with business owners they “know, like and trust”
  • Help with customer retention

I will help you polish your online presence, provide you with website content that directs potential clients to your site, announce your expertise through blogging and expand your social media reach through any of the myriad social media platforms. Give me a call or drop me an email.

All Words Matter is a full-service provider of freelance writing services, social media management, editorial services and press release writing and submission and offline written products. What does all of this cost? The short answer is, “It depends.”


Your Words. Your Message. Put Where They Belong!


What’s a  “Make It Happen” Session?”
It is a 90-minute consultation that includes an:

  • Evaluation
  • Assessment, and
  • Implementation Plan

You will walk away from the session (whether in person or via telephone) with ways you can implement your own marketing and blogging plan, insights an ideas. If you don’t have the time, desire or expertise to implement your own marketing plan, you will have access to ways in which we can best support you in your social media and blogging goals.What else will you get from the “Make It Happen” session? Do you have time to learn all there is to know about social media, blogging, ezine writing, press release how-tos and social media management? This session will provide you with tips for effectively using social media so you don’t waste time and money!I will help you create more clients by giving your content a competitive edge by looking at your current online presence and finding ways to help you maximize what you’re already doing.

The cost for the “Make It Happen” session? $140. Remember this includes, consultation, evaluation and a written implementation plan. Contact us to schedule your “Make It Happen” session today!

Content/Marketing Strategy Session For entrepreneurs who know they need to have a more robust online presence and for those who want to profit in their niche market, but don’t have the time (or even know where the starting line is!) I offer a 60-90 minute Content Strategy Session. During the session, which can be done in person or over the telephone, we will discuss your goals and objectives as they relate to marketing your business. We will craft a plan that will take you from, “I really should be doing this,” to “Now I know what I need.”Prior to our session, I will review your current website, blog and social media pages. Don’t have any? Don’t fret; if you need it, we will get you there! During our talk we will determine how to integrate social media and blogging with your current marketing strategy. Following our session, you will receive a Content Strategy & Marketing Plan aimed at getting you on the correct content path. The $237 fee covers:

  1. Analysis of your current online presence
  2. The 60-90 minute session, and
  3. A follow-up written report and plan of action

Craft Your Own Content Strategy Plan Of Action

You can choose from a menu of services that we provide including:
  1. Blogging
  2. Content writing for print or written materials
  3. Development of robust online profiles for social media pages
  4. E-book writing (hint: if you have a blog, chances are you have enough content for an e-book)
  5. Editing of existing content, both online and off
  6. Editorial calendar formulation Social media management
  7. Newsletter content writing and design (you supply the template, we help craft the content)
  8. Press release writing and submission
  9. Social media management 
  10. Because All Words Matter: If it has words, we can help you craft and hone them

* If you don’t see a service, please ask as we partner with talented professionals to whom we can forge an introduction.

Our Clients Include: