Are You Sabotaging Your Efforts With Negativity?

“Excellent habits once established are just as hard to break as are terrible habits.” ~ Robert Puller

Picture1Ugh, it’s morning. And jeez, it’s raining. I have so many phone calls and meetings today/this week. My to-do list is never ending and there’s no way I can complete it all. I’ll probably never be able to lose weight. Etc. Etc. If you wake up like this every morning (or most mornings) chances are you won’t accomplish what’s on your list, you will be overwhelmed by work and life.

What can you do to break out of the rut and get more done? Embrace a positive attitude. Believe me I know it’s easier said than done. Prior to being diagnosed with breast cancer and enduring surgeries and a long recovery (both mental and physical) it took me a while to realize I could either stay stuck in anger and fear or I could realize that I had an excellent team of doctors, my prognosis was sunny and I had medication to deal with the pain. Believe me it was not a light hearted time in my life and I cried a lot and blamed God and the world a lot and I still have daily bouts of fear, but I find if I can at least look for a positive sign, I can get through the day. Consider something as simple as being stuck in a traffic jam on your way to work. Is there anything you can do about it? Probably not. Your choice is to sit in the car and stew and swear at fellow motorists or to call whomever you were on the way to see tell them the situation and let them know you will be there as soon as possible. You need to learn to let go of those things you cannot change.

What steps can you take to embrace a better attitude? Here are some suggestions:

  • Prioritize your day — both your work life and your personal life. Spend time the day before planning the next day. This will help you sleep at night because you’re not worrying about what needs to be done; you already know because you’ve written it down and are planning for it.
  • Celebrate your successes. Did you cross an item off the to-do list? Do a happy dance. Celebrate it and you.
  • Celebrate the success of others. Do you have business partners or contacts that are excelling? Give them a call and share your enthusiasm for what they’ve accomplished.
  • Take time to do the tasks you like least first. That way they won’t be hanging over your head. Even if you devote 30 minutes to a task you dislike you can whittle it down until it’s manageable.
  • Reach out to friends and colleagues. If you work from home, like I do, it can sometimes get lonely. You need to get out and see other people, interact with other humans – grab a spot at a local coffee shop, grab a cup of coffee and do your work there. The task of getting up, getting dressed and getting out of the house can spark a boost in your mood.

What steps can you to do be more positive today?

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