Reuse Your Writing

This week I want to blog about… hhhmmm didn't I write about that last week at Blog X, Y or Z? Perhaps you did, but then again perhaps you didn't explore all of the options in those blog topics. You know, it is possible to reuse and/or recycle your blog posts, right? It's true you don't want to use the title word for word and the content as is, but they're your thoughts, your words and chances are you can massage them into a whole new blog post. 

I was recently reading the book, "The Practical Writer" and the author touched on how to recycle content. Let's take her ideas on transforming one of your blog posts. Say for example, you'd written tips about caring for your pet while on a road trip, or the best ways to acclimate your pet to a new home — take a step back, look at your blog and see if it can be reworked for a new audience.

In the book, Sage Cohen offers these tips: 

  • Define potential audiences — if you'd originally written for the pet owner, can you rework the topic to be more in line with a veterinarian's blog? Can it be slanted toward entrepreneurs? Pet related associations or trade groups?
  • Explore expressions — can you take the topic and rework it in a different form? (this may not mean you're reusing it as a blog post but in a different forum entirely) Could it be a how-to article? A personal experience article? A presentation or lecture for a local pet lover's group? Used as a podcast?

If you have a successful writing platform, it's best to build on that and let your successes feed on themselves. Go back and look at what you've written. Has the information changed since you last wrote it? Can you update and breathe new life into your writing? Remember, you don't have to reinvent the wheel everytime you write. 


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