Reliving the Con

In addition to the jet lag from having just returned from Arizona and FiestaCon, I find my mind is still reeling from what I’d learned there.

Apart from learning how to survive the inevitable Zombie invasion, I met authors, writers, sci-fi/fantasy fans, learned all about the best ways to enjoy my time at the Con and met with board game developers and tested out new games. I didn’t win but I did have fun playing!  I believe my most “successful” failure was in the Sci-Fi Jeopardy in which our green team took home first place with an overall score of 10,400 points. I, however, contributed nothing to the win and realized how woefully lacking my education is in all things sci-fi related other than the few fantasy books I’ve read. I have to admit to never having seen a Battlestar Galactica episode or many of the other shows mentioned. I have, however, seen the new Star Trek (but didn’t remember enough of it to answer any of the questions). Even without my input, our team walked away victorious!

This is a short, sweet post as I am buried in backlog but figured I’d pop in and mention where I’d been.

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  1. I was wondering where you’ve been!!! *Huggs good to have you back and I hope to run into you soon! Nice to see you enjoyed yourself although I’m taken-a-back by your woeful lack of knowledge about things Sci Fi. Sad sad sad state of affairs indeed! Do you plan on seeing Harry next week?

  2. Good to be back!!! I know, my knowledge is inadequate in the sci-fi realm but I have individuals who are more than happy to teach me so next year I can actually contribute to Sci Fi Jeopardy.
    Harry…hhhmmm most likely.

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