Psst Want To Know The Secrets To Great Pet Blogs?

Psst! I've got a secret! Truly, there are no secrets to a great blog post, but there are steps you can take 
Picture2to get more eyes on your post and help bring readers to your blog on a regular basis. Settle in and check out my "secrets."

  • “You” is one of the most important words you will use in a blog post. Make your reader believe you’ve penned the post specifically for his or her eyes. Using pronouns like “we’ or “they” or “us” doesn’t build a closeness the way “you” does.

  • We all known $10 words, right? Don’t use them in your blog posts unless that is what your readers are accustomed to. Blog posts are typically written at a fifth to seventh grade reading level.
  • How-to posts rule the Internet! People love to know how-to do… well, just about anything. Pen a great how to post that solves a problem your readers are having. Offer a solution to a problem they didn’t even know they had! Try to keep your how-tos to 10 steps (if possible) or less and be detailed in your explanations.
  • Provide all of the information you promised in your headline. Don’t tease the reader with the promise of a blog post on how to bathe a cat only to have them show up and you’re talking about how to teach a dog to walk on a leash. Live up to the topic that drew them in.
  • Speaking of headlines. On his blog, Darren Rowse, offers four qualities that all headlines share: They are unique, useful, ultra specific, and urgent. Give your headlines a once over and see if they meet these four qualities. If not, revamp them.
  • Ask a question when you wrap up your blog post. This could prompt the reader to want to offer his or her comments and advice. Start the conversation.
  • Be the go-to expert. You can be an expert and show your authority without shouting it from the rooftops. Be humble and prove your authority through the quality of the blogs you write.
  • Care about the readers. At the end of the day, without your readers what is the sense of continuing to blog? Reply to them, address their concerns, keep a friendly dialogue going and if they comment on your blog, check and see if they have blogs of their own and return the commenting favor, you’ll be glad you did!
  • Do any of these “secrets” ring true? 


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