Preparing For Your BlogPaws 2013 ‘Pitch’

Many of the pet parents that attend BlogPaws 2013  do so because they want to mix and mingle with
Picture1 like-minded pet bloggers/lovers, there are those though with the goal of making a pitch to a service provider, a fellow pet lover or a product provider. Your pitch could involve a guest blogger gig, having them guest blog for you, or you may be seeking a job within the pet industry. There are ways to make a pitch that may help you hit it out of the park and there are ways to make a pitch that will have you striking out. 

Here are my tips for making a a memorable elevator pitch:

  1. Present your pitch in an intriguing manner. The shorter the better. If you can’t hone your product, service, or yourself into a succinct package, the person you’re speaking with will lose interest. Know who you are so you can pitch what you do.
  2. Can you turn your pitch into a question? What if you could shampoo your cat in a quick and easy manner with nary a scratch in sight? (as an example) Well, as a cat owner I’d be intrigued and I’d say, “Tell me more!” Craft your pitch so the audience needs to hear more!
  3. Craft your pitch like you’d craft the subject line of an email. Be intriguing yet not vague. Make your pitch specific and one that raises curiosity.
  4. Can you make your pitch in 140 words or less? If you’re active on Twitter, I’ll bet you can!
  5. Remember the pitch is about what’s in it for them. You know what you can do and the service or product you can provide but how will it enhance their lives? Make it easier or more fun to own a pet? Help them spread the word about what they’re doing?

I learned years ago that a pitch is not something you can hone spur of the moment – or if you can, please tell me how! To make the most of the time you spend with your fellow pet lovers at BlogPaws, work on a pitch and use it wisely!

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