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PinnacleLogoThis post is sponsored by Pinnacle® and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Pinnacle’s reformulated Grain Free Dog Food but  My Divas Dish only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Pinnacle is not responsible for the content of this article.

Spenser is getting old. It’s hard to admit but he’s close to 13 and for a big dog, that is old. His bones seem to creak and snap when he gets up and down. Getting up and down takes him much longer lately as well. We’d been changing up his food to have ingredients for a dog of his age and size (close to 125 pounds) and he didn’t seem to love any of them and they didn’t seem to do anything to help his yakking up or his coat. If you haven’t cleaned up the yak of a dog of that size, believe me, you don’t want to!

It’s not easy to see your beloved pet show signs of aging, especially when his favorite thing had always been long walks in the woods. Hhmmm that sounds like it should hahealthy dog food ve been in his dating profile — if he’d had one — “Spenser enjoys long walks in the woods, chasing cats and butt sniffing!” Anywho… When our bag of Pinnacle arrived you can see that both dogs were more than a little excited. I couldn’t stop Henrietta from licking the bag. She was more than a little miffed that Spenser was getting something new and she wasn’t. I ended up feeding him dinner early because once he got a whiff of the bag he was rather persistent in shoving me toward his food bowl. When you have a 125 dog shoving you toward his food dish, you comply. And honestly, it had been a while since he’d been excited about food. He has gotten rather blase about his meal times and we’ve had to do a lot of cajoling recently to whet his appetite. I was more than a little thrilled to see how excited he seemed to be about this food!

Because of Spenser’s age and because we want to do whatever we can to make his senior citizen lifestyle as healthy and enjoyable as possible we loved the fact that Pinnacle foods fit our desire for a food that is natural and has healthy ingredients. We have long been label readers and we like that on the Pinnacle labels we can understand every ingredient on the package. Pinnacle pet food is providing Spenser with high caliber ingredients that we want to feed him and it is giving him a food that offers total nutrition. Since my breast cancer diagnosis, everyone in the house has been turning to a more natural, holistic lifestlye and it makes us feel good to know that Spenser is now eating a food that is in line with the holistic health and lifestyle we have embraced.

In case you don’t know the benefits that Pinnacle offers to your pets, here are a few:

  • Quality ingredients like Quinoa, Sweet Potato, Pumpkin,Sea kelp, Cottage Cheese. (Our pets have long loved fruits and vegetables, so this fit into their dinner plans)
  • Natural, healthy recipes that use high quality proteins. (With a dog of Spenser’s size and energy level, protein is important)
  • Antioxidants to support healthy immune system. (With him being so old, we need to do what we can to support his immune system and we’d love to do it without medications)
  • Fiber to encourage healthy digestion and small stool. (125 pound dog, small yard…’nuff said)
  • Promotes general joint health and overall muscle tone. (We know that bigger dogs have joint and hip issues and we want to do what we can to make sure Spenser can still take those long walks in the woods!)

Hen spenser

The “patient” part in this picture was for Henrietta’s benefit as she sat right there watching Spenser eat his entire bowl of Pinnacle. She didn’t touch her food until he was done. I think she was convinced he was going to let her share a bit of it with her because he usually gives in to her staring and lets her eat his food — this time he didn’t stop eating until the bowl was clean. We were so happy because it had been a while since he’d had such a great appetite. Woohoo!

Spenser has been eating his Pinnacle Healthy Dog food for a few weeks now and my husband and I are convinced he is having an easier time getting up and down and he has been more than a little active when we’ve taken him out for walks lately. Prior to changing his food we had been taking shorter walks because he appeared to be limping and slowing down. Now we are back to longer walks in the woods and he is happily leading the way, tail high in the air loving his active, healthy lifestyle!

Watching your pets age is heartbreaking, but I love knowing that we can feed our pets a healthy, holistic food with limited ingredients and do our part to help them age as happily, gracefully and healthily as possible!

What do you do to help your pet age gracefully? I’d love to know because my Henrietta, the diva poodle, is a senior as well and I need to keep her healthy and well as much as we want to keep Spenser with us for as long as possible.

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