Of Course I Dress My Dog, Don’t You?

To all of you out there who don't understand the terms: canine kids, or fur-kids or if you don't consider yourself a pet parent, you likely will not understand this post. 

I can't remember where I was recently and someone was talking about "those people that dress their Hen pjspets"… First off, I tried not to correct the grammar noun/pronoun agreement (that was a conversation for another day!) but I had to raise my hand and admit, "I am one of those people." 

When I was researching and trying to decide which would be the perfect breed of dog for me to own once I knew that I was going to be working from home, I knew that in addition to wanting a tiny dog that didn't shed I also wanted one that I could dress up. I assumed that once I became the proud owner of my new pooch that I would start her off young and she'd come to love being dressed up — I was not wrong. 

Henrietta has a closet of clothes that includes her summer dresses (I used to dress her in her Sunday best when we'd go to church and yes she was welcome there, it was why I chose the church); she has pajamas and she has a plethora of winter coats as well as mid-season jackets and rain coats. 

I tried to put her in booties when she was young but she would have none of it, in fact she looked like the dogs in these videos! It was hilarious for me but not so much for her so I gave up my dream of her donning pink suede and sheepskin lined booties… sigh. 

With the recent cold snap we've been having in NY she doesn't leave the house without her pink fuzzy jacket and she wears her pajamas throughout the day. When I look over at her lying in her bed and Hen dressnotice her shivering I know she needs to be dressed. Truly if you saw a child shivering wouldn't you offer him a jacket? That's why I do the same for my fur-kid! 

Do you dress your dog? I haven't gone as far as matching outfits but that may be in our future! 

 P.S. To those of you who wonder whether she likes getting dressed? She will stare at the closet where her clothes are stored, lift her legs to get them into the sleeves and growl a bit when they're taken off… I think she likes being dressed up! 

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