National Dog Day … It’s Every Day

Henrietta believes that National Dog Day is every day of the year even though it's celebrated on August
523403_3987728086969_473396203_n 26 annually. 

Why does she believe this? Partially because she has me trained to obey her commands. A scratch on the hand or a shoving of her head under my hand means, "pet me now." A silent stare indicates a need to go out and visit Mother Nature. Sitting in the chair next to me at breakfast with her head resting on the table means, "there'd better be table scraps coming my way." A scratching at the top of the blankets means, "I just want to snuggle in with you for the night, Mom." 

While National Dog Day may be celebrated once a year, if you're a pet owner you know that the love and adoration your pet gives you simply cannot be measured and should be celebrated every day. 

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