#MentallyHealthyMonday: Why I Write

This post is part of a blog hop I was invited to by business colleague, Bob Wilson of Smartful Coaching. It falls on a perfect day because writing has, in many cases kept me mentally healthy on Mondays and throughout the week. It started on Susan C Foster’s site and continues here.

“Why I Write” is the theme of the blog hop and as I thought about it these past weeks since I was asked to join the blog hop my mind took me to a lot of places when I wondered, “Why do I write?” It’s nothing I’ve ever given much thought to because it’s always just been a part of who I am. I can compose my thoughts better on paper. I don’t like to get drawn into deep discussions unless I can formulate my thoughts. In the midst of anger or sadness I tend to blurt out words that, had I been given a moment to collect myself, I could have worded differently. Not that I would have changed my feelings toward what was being discussed, but that I would have had time to gather myself and “take a breath.”

I penned my first book when I was a teenager. It was called “The Secret of the Skeleton Key.” The reason I wrote it was because my family had just moved into an old farm house and almost every room in it used a different, old-fashioned looking key. They weren’t skeleton keys, per se but they were old-fashioned and my young imagination thought they were unbelievably romantic and mysterious. My book never made it past the readership of my family, but it did spark my lifelong love of writing (and reading).

My love of writing eventually landed me a job at a local newspaper — without a degree or any journalism training — ask me about that story! Let’s just say I bugged the editor on a weekly basis by visiting him with a stack of the papers that had been published that week — with my editing and corrections added. He went from anger at my finding mistakes his trained staff had missed, to admiration at my persistence to finally offering me a job. Dreams do come true!

Why do I continue to write? Here are my top five reasons:

  1. Writing helps clear my head. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer less than one month before my 50th birthday I believed it was some cosmic joke the universe was playing on me. It wasn’t. That diagnosis led to a rough two years and keeping a journal of the experience along with keeping notes of questions I had for my various medical professionals and the answers they gave me helped me become an advocate for my own care. Journaling helped me get my thoughts out of my head and down on paper and in some cases helped stop the tears and the fears that come with a cancer diagnosis. Some of the topics in my journal were focused on the, “if I don’t survive, here are my final wishes…” type.
  2. Writing is my career choice. I write for a living so thankfully I love it! I pen blog posts for clients. I write ezine content. I formulate social media status updates. I edit copy. Write website pages. If it has to do with words, I do it. I learned, when I started my business, that I needed to focus and not say “yes” to every opportunity that came along because some of those opportunities didn’t involve writing and honestly those projects kept getting moved to the bottom of my to-do list because Iwriting dreaded them.
  3. Writing is a connection-maker. What do I mean by that? I have met many of my closest friends through the act of writing. Yes, many of them were initially “friends” through social media but eventually became friends (notice, no quotation marks) because we connected online, found out we had a lot in common and decided to connect offline. It was the power of our words that initially sparked the idea of , “I need to get to know that person better” whether it was a humorous comment, a thought-provoking statement or a business idea that resonated.
  4. I have knowledge or an opinion to share. Yes, I realize that everyone has an opinion about something, but your opinion isn’t the same as mine and that’s what makes the world go round! I also have knowledge that I like to share, whether it’s about living with a diva Poodle, surviving breast cancer or gaining more clients for my clients through the use of internet marketing.
  5. I write for the benefit of my clients. My client base ranges from accountants to swimming pool professionals to optic lens manufacturers to a senior living organization, real estate professionals, pet professionals and website builders. The people I write for are experts in their particular niche and they go forth and provide their services and sell their goods. I work behind the scenes sharing words with their clients and potential clients that get their messages found. They come to me and have me take their words and formulate them into blog posts, social media status updates and ezine content that they can share with current and potential clients. They focus on their area of expertise and I focus on mine — writing — and it brings their business dreams to fruition.

Why do you write? Is it a compulsion? It is simply the love of words? It is to share a message and find followers? Whatever your reasons, I’d love to hear them!

Now let me introduce the next three people in the blog hop:

Yvonne DiVita is an active blogger starting with her women’s business blog . Lipsticking focuses on women’s issues, women in business, and lifestyle advice for both men and women. In the summer of 2009, Yvonne co-founded BlogPaws, an online pet community and yearly national conference to support pet bloggers, pet lovers, and pet people everywhere. The conference brings pet people, brands and expert speakers in social media education together to network, learn, and have a little fun. Best of all, the conference is pet friendly! More information can be found at the BlogPaws website. Twitter accounts: @lipsticking (supporting her marketing to women blog) @mypetblog (supporting her personal petblog – @y2vonne (supporting everything she does). Facebook pages: Lipsticking, ScratchingsandSniffings

Robin Taney is the “Get R.E.A.L” Girl from Studio 4 PR. She works with small business owners to help them find and be found by their ideal client in a way that’s realistic, engaging, authentic, and designed for longlasting results. (In other words, it’s real.) In addition to her blog at, she’s also a featured expert at Today’s Innovative Woman ( and co-author of Navigating Entrepreneurship (Amazon, July 2014).

Peter Young, calls himself a “street guy, plain and simple.” He’s been a hard rock miner, a five and dime store manager, a successful salesman, a sales trainer, a trade show producer, a boilermaker, a sales and marketing consultant and a soybean oil commodity risk manager. Today he is a sales trainer that helps his clients when they need problems solved or difficult customers taken care of. His company is the feet on the street when it comes to introducing a new product or service.  And, if you’re getting ready to formulate a new policy or market a new product line, and if you’re smart ….you listen to us. Read more about him at Street Smart Resources.


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  1. Just a wonderful blog post! You are a REAL writer. Now that I know you do this for a living I am going to refer you to others! I have an idea already….would love to connect on FB to. Susan Chandler Foster or Susan Foster Coaching.

    • Susan, I will definitely connect with you on FB (as soon as I am done with this comment!) Thank you for reading and commenting — I appreciate it!

  2. I’m busy working on my post, Robbi. This is an easy one, though. Why I write… hmmm…to be heard, of course! But there’s more…stay tuned.

    LOVED your stories. LOVED how you opened your heart to us and shared so much.

    LOVED that I can be part of your on-going passion for the written word. Rock on, girlfriend.

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