#MentallyHealthyMonday: Take A Tea Break

I’m not sure what it is about a cup of tea — whether it’s the process of brewing it, enjoying it from one of my many china cups (complete with matching saucer) or the “idea” of a cup of tea that simply denotes relaxation.

I am a morning coffee drinker and on the rare occasions when I have tried to substitute my coffee for a cup of tea I immediately felt tea breakmore relaxed. Yes, I am sure it’s a “mental thing” and I am fine with that. What I am not fine with is being so relaxed in the morning that I can’t bring myself to get moving and get my work done.

When I am feeling stressed, there is nothing I like more than a cup of tea. Many an afternoon, I will step away from the computer and begin the process of brewing a cup. The ritual of heating the water in a tea pot, measuring the leaves into the tea ball and then waiting for it to steep is all designed to allow me to take a breath. Stirring the organic honey in and watching it melt off the spoon and then finally sinking into the chair outside under the shade of the maple tree is almost like a mini vacation.

When I take a tea break I know that I am stepping away and clearing my head for at least 30 minutes. Sometimes that is all I need in order to come back and face the rest of the day.

What do you do when you need to take a break?

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