#MentallyHealthyMonday: Starting Over

I saw a quote, probably on Facebook, that you don’t have to wait for January 1 to have a fresh start because every Monday offers you that same option.

Did you have a cruddy week last week? Did your projects just not quite come to fruition? Did you have a fight with your spouse or significant other? Did the kids drive you batty? Did your beloved dog annoy you? We’ve all be there and we count the seconds until the week is over (even solopreneurs bemoan their fates at times) and hope and pray and cross our fingers that the new week will be#mentallyhealthymonday better.

What can you do to make your Monday the start of something fresh? Here are my thoughts:

  1. Let go of last week. You need to start the week with a new attitude. If you start it thinking, “I hope last week doesn’t repeat itself,” it just might. Positivity feeds positivity.
  2. Don’t overwhelm yourself with to-dos. Make yourself a not-to-do list. Learn to say no to projects that just don’t fit in your wheelhouse or list of “things I really want to do.” If you learn to say no, the projects you take on will likely be easier simply because you enjoy them.
  3. Take time to get some exercise. I admit that I let myself get overwhelmed and then the end of the day comes, I’m climbing into bed and realize I’ve only walked 2,000 steps that day! What?! That pretty much means I walked from the bedroom to my office to the kitchen, outside for brief walks with Henrietta and that’s about it. Embarrassing. Get up and move!

This list could be much longer, but hey, you just want a couple of things to kick start your week, right? Overwhelming you with too many “things to change” won’t help.

Go forth and kick butt today and all week!

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