#MentallyHealthyMonday: Good Writing Made Easy

I have a bit of advice for business owners… if you’re going to write, do not suck at it! You may be the most skilled physician, dog groomer or entrepreneur, but if I see a typo on your blog or your brochure I subconsciously begin to doubt anything you’re telling me. Is that harsh? Yep. Am I the only one to whom it happens? I doubt it.

How can you make sure you’re not sucking at writing? Short answer is to hire a content marketing expert who can create your writing mistakes “words” for you. Long answer is to take a class, read a book on grammar (Strunk & White never goes out of style) or put together editorial guidelines for your business.

Here are my tips for your #MentallyHealthyMonday for good writing made (kind of) easy:

  • While I don’t recommend relying on Microsoft Word to catch your mistakes, it does have its benefits in highlighting misspelled words and poor grammar. If you’re concerned as to whether you’re using the correct “your/you’re,” “its/it’s,” “they’re/their/there” and many other words that trip people up, pull out a dictionary or work with an editor who will peruse your words before they go live.
  • Take a grammar/spelling test as a way to pinpoint your trouble areas. If you know where your weaknesses lie you will be better able to catch and correct them. Many people have a blind spot to their particular spelling or grammar weaknesses;  if you know them, you can fix them.
  • Work with a professional in the grammar and writing realm. A written marketing expert — yes, such as myself — can take your words, your message and put it where it belongs whether that’s in a newsletter, an ezine article, your blog posts, your website copy or even your social media status updates. You have so much going on with the running of your business that you just might want to leave the writing to someone else!

If writing causes you stress, hand  it off so you can get back to the business of  running your business!  


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