#MentallyHealthyMonday: Get Your Writing Tasks Done

There’s nothing better than the blank screen, right? An empty canvas waiting for your words to magically appear and transform from thoughts into words and eventually into a full-fledged blog post ready to be published. If that isn’t how your “blank screen” moments tend to work out or make you feel, you may need to look at a few of these items that will help you overcome that fear and get your blog posts ready for public writing tasks consumption.

Here are my top three getting-your-writing-done tips:

  • Know why you need to get the project written. Whether it’s ┬áblog post, a website About Me page, a press release or any other written material, why is it necessary to be complete? If you don’t have a compelling reason, you may not find it necessary to “force” yourself to get it written. A writing project, like any other work task you do, needs to have importance in the overall running of the business itself. Also, if you have an end goal in mind (imparting your expertise to the masses) you will be excited about the project and your readers will sense that enthusiasm.
  • Write an outline. Don’t run away from this post at those words! Outlines don’t have to be the strict Roman Numeral items of your high school days. An outline could be as simple as an idea for a headline, the ONE major thought you want to impart (yes, your posts should be one thought only) if you have more than one thought then you have more than one post! Write it down so you don’t lose it. As for your outline, a sentence or two can be all the outline you need to get the impetus to get the project written.
  • Start at the end, or even the middle! You don’t have to outline your writing projects in a linear fashion. Jump in at a point which energizes you and then work forward or backward until you have the entire body of the post.

What gives you writer’s block? Is it not knowing what to write? Not knowing how to write it? Not knowing if the post truly tells the tale you’re hoping it will? If you face any of these fears, drop me a line!


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