Managing #Time Through Editorial Calendar Use

I know I have written about editorial calendars before, but I am going to write about them again. Why? Well, because I am getting ready to go and speak at the Women In The Pet Industry Network conference in Oregon and without my calendar I would be frantically searching for items to fill my blog so I have content while I am away.

What goes into your editorial calendar? First you need to have a firm grasp on your niche and on what your clients and customers come to you for help with. Once you know that — and you would have determined that when you made a business plan — you can fill in your monthly calendar based on the problems you help your clients solve. What can you fill your editorial calendar, and thus your blog, with?

Here are some ideas:

  • Interview experts in your field. Interview experts that you think your clients would benefit hearing from even if it’s not in your niche. Are you a business coach who is friends with a nutritionist? Wouldn’t your business clients benefit from hearing from an expert in the field of healthy living? They would. Pull together your contact list and reach out to experts that you can interview.
  • If you’re graphically inclined, put together an info graphic. Here are a couple of free, easy to use sites: Canva and PicMonkey.
  • Top 10s or 20s or whatever number strikes your fancy are great blog posts. Readers, and Google love list posts. What do you do well, or what is your particular niche? Take items from your niche and make a list post about it.
  • Write a How To. These posts are highly searchable and people love learning new things — two birds, one stone! What do you know better than anyone else? Blog a How To about it.
  • What is new in your industry? If there is a trending news story in your area of expertise, jump on that trending bandwagon and write a post.
  • Is your business celebrating an anniversary? Has it won an award? Have you, as the business owner, recently joined a group or been appointed president or treasurer of a group? Write a press release and then blog about it.
  • Are there are lot of bloggers that you follow and love and who inspire you? If so, take a day a week and write a Best Of post and include links from the bloggers you love. They will thank you for it and you will also be exposing your readers to new information.
  • Have you found a product that you love? Write a review about it. If you’re inclined to write reviews on Amazon or other sites of products or books, expand that review and mention it on your site.
  • Do you have a story to tell? For example, I have blogged about my #breastcancer fight as well as my #BabyBoomer issues. Tell a story. Let your readers get to know you. You don’t have to spill all of your deep, dark secrets, but you can give them a glimpse into your life. If you’re a business owner you know that clients want to do business with people they “know, like and trust” and telling a story will help them do just that.
  • Use a site such as BrownieLocks for information on holiday and obscure monthly, weekly and daily celebrations and blog on one of those topics.

Having an editorial calendar in place will save you from the “blank screen” syndrome and will make your blogging so much easier!


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