Living My Life Like My Poodle Does

poodle life lessons

Henrietta, the diva poodle, has the life. She sleeps when she wants. Gets love when she needs it. Eats kind of on the schedule I set for her but with vegetables and fruits in between. After having some down time this past week and fighting a cold or some such bug I watched how Henrietta, the cats and Spenser approach their days. When I did that I came to the realization hat I want to live my life like my poodle does. What does that mean?

Every day is the best day ever.

When I roll over in the morning and say, “It’s time to get up.” Henrietta comes out from under the blankets, has a good long stretch. She then dashes around the bed acting crazy (I call it the “morning rabies attack”). She doesn’t moan or groan or look at the weather and sigh if it’s going to be a rainy or snowy day. Every morning is THE BEST morning, to her.

No matter how long or how short the walk, she revels in it.

Whether we are being faced with brisk winds or balmy weather or even rain or snow, Henrietta waits patiently while I put on her harness, slip on her jacket (depending on the weather) and then trots down the steps. She sniffs the air. Snuffles along the ground smelling to see if there have been any cats or deer in the yard. Scratches up the ground beneath the bird feeders then finds that perfect spot to do her outs. It’s like every time she is outside is the first and BEST TIME ever!

One bad moment doesn’t ruin the day.

A “bad moment” for Henrietta is when I clap my hands and tell her to stop eating the cat food or if she only gets one carrot when she has a “successful” trip to the out of doors. She gives me a mad look, slinks away for a second and then it’s forgotten. She’s back to her happy, hyper self and is coming back to me for love. Nothing sticks to her emotions — other than being perpetually happy with each and every moment. I need to be like that. I need to let stuff roll off my back. Easier said than done, but I want to learn.

Life is a constant work in progress. It’s a learning curve. I’m trying, and have been trying since I was diagnosed with breast cancer, to live in the moment. Some days it works, others it doesn’t, but I am certainly going to be looking more to Henrietta for life lessons. What have you learned from your pet?

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  1. What a great way to live your life. That is why dogs are so happy, they don’t take life so seriously. When I walk Bentley, Skipper (hubby) and Pierre always end up waiting for us to catch up because if Bentley wants to smell something or explore some flowers, I let him. I try to imagine what it would be like if I only got to explore outside of my home when someone took me with them. I’d want to take my time too. ☺

  2. The morning rabies attack cracks me up!! I love that. I always think “man, who lives better than my dogs?!?” Now I know at least one dog might, Henrietta!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

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