Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Halloween

entrepreneurs and lessons from Halloween

Entrepreneurs and Halloween? Is there a connection? There is!

Many entrepreneurs and solopreneurs — myself included — toil away, stuck in our routines, not interacting with humans other than via social media. When Halloween rolls around though, we should tap into our inner child and amp up our entrepreneurial endeavors. Here are the lessons entrepreneurs can learn from Halloween.entrepreneurs and lessons from Halloween

Be unique.

Sure, there will be a lot of Disney and Star Wars characters walking the streets this Halloween-eve. There will also be those ingenuous kids who had a dream of a costume and a parent who helped make it come true. You will see robots made of cardboard boxes, clowns, crazy cat lady costumes and myriad others that sprang forth from the mind of a child. Consider your entrepreneurial uniqueness, embrace it and note how you set yourself apart from the competition.

Take joy in what you do.

Have you ever seen a child who isn’t giggling or squealing or even crying in fright on Halloween? Probably not. Even when being scared, these children are enjoying the heck out of the trick-or-treating experience. You need to take such extreme joy in what you do and the services and products that you provide your clients that your joy is infectious. Smile when you answer the phone. Enthusiastically greet prospective and current clients. Embrace your passion!

Take a chance.

When these children march up the stairs to a stranger’s home to yell, “Trick or treat!” they don’t know who is going to answer. Sure, they have the safety net of their parents or older siblings waiting at the bottom of the stairs, but you just never know. Will you get a king size candy bar or will you get an apple? You don’t know. Even with the unknown, these children are thrilled to walk up and knock on the door because they know that every door is a different opportunity. In your business you need to take chances. Launch a new product. Try out a new service. Take a chance. If you do something — ie, start a newsletter and no one signs up — what have you lost? Nothing. Don’t consider it a failure, consider everything new you try as an experiment.

What lessons will you take away from Halloween this year?entrepreneurs

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