It’s Reptile Awareness Day: Celebrate Your Lizards! (Oct. 21)

Prior to becoming the owner of reptiles, I had no idea that today was Reptile Awareness Day, but now that I know I urge you to celebrate your lizards! I currently live with a leopard gecko named, Daggett; a fancy gecko named, Norbert; a bearded dragon named, Alice.

Here’s how it shakes down with the personality of the reptiles in this house:


He truly lives his “I’m a nocturnal semi-reclusive reptile.” He is rarely out during the daylight hours, but does come out when the daytime heat lamp is switched off and the nighttime heat lamp is switched on. However, if the living room light is on, regardless of whether it’s nighttime or not, Daggett will stay inside the cave and peer out. If he’s out and we walk past, he darts into the cave and stares.


This fancy little guy appears to really like my company. He is out during the daytime. When I reach in to fill the water dishes and pet his tail he doesn’t dart away like he did when we first got him. He comes to the side of the aquarium if I lean down and say his name. He will eat in the daytime. He doesn’t seem to care about being noctural — that’s nice because it means I get to see him regularly.IMG_1761


First, we don’t know whether Alice is a boy or girl, but he is named after Alice Cooper so we think he’s a dude. When we walk into the backroom where his tank he, he runs to the top of his log and stares at us. Drop crickets into the tank and he pounces on them like he’s starving — he’s not. He also loves his fruits and veggies and when we have dried meal worms and try to dump some into the food bowl, he dives into the jar and happily munches away. We are convinced he watches television and he does love to show off with his poses — note the planking in this post!

We have had a snake in the house and frankly I didn’t like knowing that he either ate pinkies (baby mice) or thawed full grown mice. He also bit my son a couple of times. Whether other snakes are nice and make good pets, I don’t know. I only know my experience with Bruce.

I find Daggett, Norbert and Alice to be intriguing household additions and today and every day I celebrate them!

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