It’s A ‘Calico’ Thing


I love Lucy. No, not the television show, although it isn’t bad, it’s not my favorite, nor do I love it. The Lucy I’m talking about is my calico kitty, Lucy. The family affectionately refers to her as Lucifer as she is not the friendliest of girls.

Lucy loves to sit on my lap. She makes it impossible to read a book or work on my laptop because my lap is always fair game and she will dig at me and bump me with her face until I eventually give in and let her clamber up. Once on my lap she proceeds to wag her tail in my face, swishing the furry plume back and forth until I become irritated and turn her around so she will lay down.

She has, let’s say, attitude. If anyone else in the house tries to pick her up she will struggle to get away. The noises she makes while in the embrace of anyone other than me are akin to two cats fighting in a burlap bag. Not sure why she only allows me to pick her up and cuddle her, but that’s all right. I tell myself that she knows I am the one who rescued her from the shelter. I tell myself it’s because she and I are home together all day long. I tell myself all of these things, but my vet said that “it’s a calico thing.” She said that she recently returned from a veterinarian’s conference and there were some experts on panels that spoke to the fact that certain colored cats and breeds simply calico act differently than others. Calicos, she said, are “full of attitude.” Lucy is my first calico and she certainly does have attitude.

Lucy is also a talker. She is a snuggler. She will beat up the other kitties for apparently no reason — I truly think she gets bored and just decides to chase the other cats around the house. Whatever the reason, that two-year-old, seven pound bundle of fur certainly keeps the household on its toes.

Note: Henrietta and Lucy are usually at odds as to who gets to sit on my lap. There are times when the fur truly flies.

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