Is Your Dog A ‘Stress Destroyer’?

There was a pet video on Yahoo! recently that showed what pets did to homes when left alone. Thankfully, Henrietta never destroyed anything when she was left alone. In the back of my mind though I always assumed, "she's tiny, how much damage could she have done anyway…?" When I saw the pictures of what one of the Yorkies did, I realized how lucky I was that she wasn't a "stress destroyer." 

When Henrietta, the Diva Poodle first came home she was put in a crate, mainly because she weighed less than two pounds so our smallest cat — that at the time weighed 10 pounds — considered her a plaything so it was safer for her to be crated. As she got older though I left her out of the cage because she seemed more stressed being in it than out. In the crate she licked her leg raw. It was odd because she loved the crate when she got scared or there was too much activity in the house but being locked there when I was gone was a stressor. 

Henrietta's only chewing transgression since I've had her was shen she'd eaten a box of flavored chapstick I'd purchased and left in an open purse on a table. It didn't seem to harm her and she had the softest lips in the state so no harm truly done! 

I'm no animal behaviorist but I have to assume the pets that chewed and destroyed the homes were bored — we'd adopted a German Shepherd puppy at one time that chewed holes in our kitchen linoleum once when we left him alone for less than an hour. It was the last time we left him uncrated and when we crated him he had a lot of chew toys to keep him occupied. 

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  1. Our dogs are definitely stress destroyers. I can be having the worst day ever and when I get home all of that melts away in the face of their excitement at seeing me. I love everything that they do and they make our lives so much happier. We’re very lucky.

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